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The Pentrapion, "Shadow Gate" or "Pinealizer" {according to purpose} is an experimental device along the lines of radionics and Die Elektrischen Vorspiele.

It is a synthesis of Pentagram, Trapezoid, magnet, and Ionizer, intended to breach or otherwise stimulate the immediate atmosphere by a combination of frustrating elements for the purpose of 1. Creating a dimensional rift; Enhance etheric receptivity to biochemical emanation & will, via electromagnetic enervation; 3. stimulation of pineal gland; 4. Remote Doppelganger materialization; 5. Dimensional portal providing cohesive energy to materialize thought forms unto visual appearance. 6. Teleportation. 7. Time Travel.

Pyschodramatically, the rings are to be decorated with I-Ching hexagrams in trapezoidal frames according to the purpose and 'doorway' to the unconscious targeted.

The purpose is for the exercise of the Jungian Shadow Side of the mind - the deep unconscious brought forwards into dynamic activation, balancing the entire cerebrum's capabilities. Contemplation of the principles is one step, but it behooves the explorer into the darkest recesses of the intellect to experiment with such tools to maximize and evolve the overall Being. ∞

Pentrapion Ring

  • 1. One metal magnetic ring moving counterclockwise.
  • 2. One metal magnetic ring moving clockwise of the opposite magnetic polarity, approximately 20-30 feet apart, each spinning within a motorized enclosure.
  • 3. Between them, a trapezoidal metal frame emitting thin [laser] light, forming a pentagram within the trapezoid, either five lights, or one beam reflected by mirrors unto the sides of the trapezoid.
  • 4. A non-conductive plastic or wooden bridge spanning through the rings to the opposite side, which is not to touch rings or trapezoidal frame. This is in order to
    • A. Avoid fusing physical properties [e.g., "The Philadelphia Experiment"].
    • B. Natural materials are conduits of Magical energy.
  • 5. Electrodes flank stationary base of ring enclosure, or Jacob's Ladder atop, activated immediately after the rings themselves. Electricity will charge the atmosphere.
  • Stage I. Rings begin oscillation until reaching stillness, beyond the point of reverse visual perspective.
  • Stage II. Activate Rings ionically electrified.
  • Stage III. Electrodes activated, ionizing the immediate atmosphere.

Once the ionized magnetic rings are circulating to full capacity, the pentagram beam will begin to bend & 'open', due to the cohesive atmosphere created by the electromagnetism. Thus, the dimensional rift has been established.

  • 1. Ritual: The Sorcerer may then walk upon the bridge unto the trapezoid gateway to deliver transmission of The Will.
  • 2. Teleportation: Pass through The Trapezohedron with I-Ching Hexagram set towards particular door diagram.
  • 3. Doppelganger/Remote Viewing: Visualization of Self at remote location. Also, images may begin appearing within Trapezoid likened 'psychomanteum', and otherwise psychic impressions derived.
  • 4. Projections: Tulpa thought forms which will reflect image, which can then be sent forth unto desired destination with ones purpose and will.
  • 5. Time Travel: Pass through portal at either end of Pentrapion to access forwards future, or reverse past according to cycling of ring.

Recommended reading
  • Die Elektrischen Vorspiele, The Satanic Rituals.

Tags: art, greater magic, magic, oracles, paranormal, parapsychology, psychodrama, science, technology, technomancy, time travel

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