DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Desalination Plants


Just as solar energy is incrementally taking hold*, this is the inevitable future to avert so-called "drought conditions"**, which is just a cycle of nature. I foresee these plants viewable just off the coast like one would formerly view oil rigs, with aesthetics placed into consideration {perhaps disguised as a tropical island like the Long Beach Thums Islands}.

It's Been Done

Filtered ocean water provided for cities using local resources instead of drawing in from distant reservoirs. Actor William Shatner's notion about channeling water like a Roman Aqueduct from Washington is an amusing idea, supposing that the state has "too much water", being favorably dubbed "the rain state" after all, and ideal weather conditions; although it seems to Me that drawing aquatic resources directly from the shore of the particular state effected speaks to practicality & self-sufficiency, avoiding extensive construction costs and owing another segment of the nation. However, it may be useful in short distances to keep water fresh and moving.

People may continue purchasing bottled drinking water if they choose, but for other purposes, this is the best option.

Que Bono?

However, the question should always be poised "Que Bono?" The Department of Water & Power best get in on the action to continue benefiting monetarily with current dam transport to shift over to this technology. San Diego has been experimenting with a facility for decades, citing financial resources as preventing further development, but now it is high time it is placed into activation, because the result will justify the means. The Middle East has invested in this technology for decades, and it just makes plain sense to integrate them now, wherever it may be. ∞

* "Solar towers" will be more widely implemented; and should appear more like lighthouses and/or black trapezoidal obelisks to better absorb and dispense energy}.
** As if people are trudging through the desert gasping for water - hardly. Water still pours from faucets, and that's really ultimately all that matters - water is there like always since plumbing & irrigation technology has been integrated into civilization.

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