Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Hellemental Mass



For the celebration of the Equinoxes and Solstices, and empowerment by the very hellements themselves.


The following shall be placed upon a table or pedestal at a cardinal point, or a space especially prepared upon The Altar.
  • To the South, the Black Flame of Satan. Represents Hellfire, and the anima. Black candle placed upon the southern location, decorated with The Pentagram either upon the candle itself or upon a paten upon which the candle is placed.
  • To the East, the Incense of Lucifer. Placed upon a paten inscribed with the heptagram, either silver in coloration or upon silver colored surface.
  • To the North, the Black Earth of Belial, which may be a wooden disk, flower pot with living plant, and/or paten inscribed with the hexagram of Belial along with a piece of raw food, vegetable {piece of carrot, cherry tomato, celery, etc.}, and/or fruit {slice of apple, orange, a strawberry, grape, cherry, berry, etc.}; brown, orange, or green in coloration. Represents the harvest.
  • To the West, the Raging Sea of Leviathan, represented by the Elixir of Ecstasy and chalice, with contents with a choice of 1. 1 tablespoon of honey, pinch of nutmeg, pinch of allspice, pinch of clove, pinch of cinnamon, and a spot of milk, warmed as a tea or mixed with coffee. 2. Fruit or vegetable juice {V8}; 3. Water; 4. Otherwise, whatever else is pleasing to the palet, including a favorite liquor. This rests upon a paten inscribed with the inverse Nonagram of Leviathan with a dark blue coloration.
  • Familiarization with The Signum Pentaculum.
  • Recommended are sound effects of storms and wind.
  • Option: Baphomet and/or robe, chasuble, stole, medallion in coloration according to the celebrated season. Autumn: Orange/Black. Winter: Silver/Blue. Spring: Green/Brown. Remmus: Red, Yellow.


I. Ring "Hell Knell" 9 times in circumnambulation to stir the ether, stimulate daemonic energy.
II. Trace Trapezohedron Gateway with Sword or Staff of Power around The Altar. Open The Gates of Hell with 19th Key in Enochian. Gesticulation: The Sign of Kish pointed forwards, turned widdershins upon conclusion; 🜏 or hold brimstone emblem as key.

Invocation To Satan & Infernal Names
  • Trace The Pentagram to The South: "I call Thee forth, by the sign of The Pentagram, Hellemental Daemon-Brother, Draegon Satanas from The South. The black flame within, the very fires of Hell itself! Arise, come forth, and conjured be!" Tap staff 5 times.
  • Turn to the East. Trace the heptagram while intoning "I call Thee forth, by the angles of the heptagram, Hellemental Daemon-Brother, Draegon Lucifer, ride the Demon Winds! Prideful Rebel, Black Angel! Arise, come forth, and conjured be!" Tap Staff 7 times.
  • Turn to The North. Trace the Hexagram while intoning "I call Thee forth, by the Hexagram gateway, Hellemental Daemon-Brother, Draegon Belial, of the dark woods and shadowy forests of The Black Earth, Cernunnos, Great Wild Beast 6-6-6! Arise and conjured be!" Tap Staff 6 times.
  • Turn to The West. Trace the Nonagram while intoning "I call Thee forth, by the angles of the Nonagram, Hellemental Daemon-Brother, Draegon Leviathan, of The Raging Sea, Cthulhu and Ritrah, Mighty Kraken and Jormungander! The Key of Emotion and Passion that activates the Magic! Arise, come forth and conjured be!" Trace pentagram with left-hand Cornu over Chalice intoning "In Nomine Satanas, Potentiam Inferus! Calix Voluptatis Omnipotens". Raise The Chalice unto Baphomet saying "I in Thee, Thee in I, We are One! I Am Thee, Thou Art Me, We are All-One! Our Will is done!" Consume the Elixir of Ecstasy proclaiming "Hail Satan, Full of Might! The Powers of Hell are within Me!" Tap Staff 9 times.
Hellemental Communion

Say with palms facing forwards, "Almighty Satan, I come into Thine Presence to partake of The Hellemental Communion and receive The Blessings of Hell." Speak the following as mantras at 2 second intervals: "A-mon. Shem-ham-for-ash." Read Seasons In Hell Epistle for particular Equinox or Solstice.
  • Take up the candle and trace before you the pentagram of fire saying "I partake of The Hellfire from which I Am forged. The Black Flames burns forever within. Ave Satanas. In Nomine Satanas, Potentiam Flamis Inferus." Signum Pentaculum. Replace.
  • Take up the incense and breath it in. Trace before Baphomet in the sign of The Pentagram intoning "By the Hell Winds of the Great Abyss upon which I soar with devil's wings, I fill My being with the breath of Strongest Life. Ave Luciferi. In Nomine Satanas, Potentiam Ventus Daemonum". Signum Pentaculum. Replace.
  • The communal hellement of the harvest. "In thy womb has this seed been formed. I partake of the rich harvests of the earth, imbued with minerals and nourishment which grant strength and the pleasures of the flesh. Ave Belial. In Nomine Satanas, Emperator Mundi!" Eat. Signum Pentaculum. Replace.
  • Take up the philtre and motion it before Baphomet in the form of The Pentagram intoning "So I drink of the streams and rivers, oceans and lakes of the earth, to course with My own blood and flesh. Ave Leviathan. Mare Infernum, In Nomine Satanas, Potentiam Inferus." Drink. Signum Pentaculum. Replace.
"Shemhamforash! Hail Satan, Lucifer, Belial Leviathan!"

Conclude with reading of 19th Enochian Key in English signifying The Cornu with Left hand. Hail Satan 3x, followed by Hell Knell & Mudra of The Black Flame. ∞


* Lycanthropic Seasonal Submersion.
* Recreational Activities of The Black Earth in Correspondence with The Four Crown Prince of Hell.
* Daemonicromnium: A parapsychological device for oracular experimentation, practice, & Shadow Side exercise, expression.

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