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The Dæmonecromnium is an all-purpose experimental oracular tool with applications for several oracles in one. A tool to exercise latent extrasensory mental potency and sharpen perception.
Etymology: daemon+necro+omnium Ideal for the practice of Daemonomancy, Necromancy, all in one.

  • Ouija: Utilizing any sort of sliding surface, glass turned upside-down, shot glass, etc., the Evil Eye pointer may signify at any point around the Dæmonecromnium. Particular subconscious daemons and/or specter idealizations may be accessed by placing sigils and/or relics within the Pentagram, which is the Gate, then proceed with 'communication'.
  • Runes: Whereupon the runes fall upon the Pentagram for divination.
  • Tarot: Traditional ten card spread 'round the points and spaces of The Pentagram, and otherwise a short five card reading at the points, or simple YES/NO question with two cards of the three up or down, placed at the triune positions upon top three spaces, signifying Unholy Trinity of 666. Or quick one card YES/NO answer upon the center position. Of course, each card's metaphor and archetypal iconography is taken into consideration.
  • I-Ching: Arrange the hexagrams around the pentagram and within center pentagon for oracular deciphering.
  • Pendulum: held above Dæmonecromnium above center Pentagram, with pendulum {which may be specified device or even weighted pendant, pentagram medallion, etc.}; veering towards YES/NO, to particular numbers and letters.
  • Pencil/Pen: Balanced evenly upon one another, wherein it shall veer towards YES/NO, with or without specific relics, though this is an open call with unexpected response.
  • Charging: For the consecration, possession, and empowerment of talismans and/or other personal items, lain within pentagram.

Construction: May be constructed upon paper or upon wood, drawn with pencil, pen, marker, or printed. Trace Pentagram to the lines with left Cornu hand while uttering "In Nomine Satanas, Potentiuam Inferus", beginning and ending top left.

For more concentrated purposes and results, carve or burn upon wood {either pre-cut or upon natural wedge}. Burn edges of parchment or paper in the hell flame of the black candle during Satanic rite {after drinking from The Chalice of Ecstasy; see The Satanic Bible}. Inscribe with Dragon's Blood Ink and/or drops of one's own blood by itself or fixed into Dragon's Blood ink, drawn with black raven quill feather.

Option: Accompany with scrying mirror and at least one black or red candle, placed crowning before the Dæmonecromnium. Additional impressions may manifest in the looking glass by the operation of The Dæmonecromnium.

Preparation: Aspergence with natural Water or anointing with the oil of Leviathan, fumigation by the Incense of Lucifer, edges singed by the hellfires of Satan, & anointed with the black earth of Belial. Upon a Sabbath or Esbat night*.

Recommended time of performance: Midnight to dawn.

Note: This is a simplified version of this Shadowmancy board design, intended for experimental purposes and personal experiences which may inspire further exploration. May be for entertainment purposes. However, more advanced versions include The Four-Crown Princes Hellementals as appropriate at the cardinal points writ in Enochian, accompanied by resonant geometrical designations and colorations. Numbers and letters writ in Draconian or Enochian Script. Satanigram utilized. ∞

* Halloween, Walpurgisnacht, Solstices, Equinoxes, Nativity Anniversary. Full Moons, Friday 13th, planetary alignments, eclipses.

Tags: archetypes, arts and crafts, black arts & witch crafts, black book of shadows, greater magic, magic, metaphor, occult, oracles, ouija, paranormal, parapsychology, psychodrama, shadow gallery, shadow side, symbolism

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