Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Why I Do Not Observe 'Death Days'


With the exception of one Reign In Hell recognition of evocative relation, I do not acknowledge "death days" of performers, because the characters they portrayed are what is of pertinence, not necessarily the personal life and persona of the actor portraying the appreciated icon. I would acknowledge notable events in their career, or dates nascent to characters they have played, whether fictional or otherwise historical, in order to maintain the perspective that the story or characterization is immortal. Sometimes the actor is an accomplished character themselves, which is sadly much rarer these days, where personal exploits match, or sometimes even eclipse that of the characters they present.

Actors aid in animating, personalizing, and creating a firmer connection between the viewer and history through the medium of film. Actors portray idealizations by writers, historical figures, but are not the actual personage being portrayed.

In many despicable cases, I suspect the "town crier" who goes about proclaiming an obituary wouldn't normally think twice about the given performer had it not been for this "tragic news", that they somehow feel they must take credit for telling; as they themselves were never really true fans or admirers in the first place.

I Myself have never been a so-called "fan" to anyone, neither actors nor musicians, but instead have seen similarities in propensities with certain others, in more of a reflective sense instead of any sort of adulatory one. By and large, I tend to appreciate philosophers more than others, relishing conventions, private screenings, themed film events, plays or concertos, masquerades and such, moreso than herd 'concerts', with very few notable exceptions. There may be an admiration present in the acknowledgement of being a master of the chosen craft, as complementary to one's purposes and entertainments.

Post-2K presentations tend to be overdone, exaggerated, with CGI not quite up-to-par with the harmonious flow of a performer in an FX role, or even a prop. The subconscious can still register the choppy bits and bytes, whereas the flow of film remains incomparable.

Actors nowadays tend to be lackluster, monotonous, expressionless, hired moreso for a model-like appearance rather than talent {which should only be complementary}, or that talent is mediocre at best, which could just as easily if not better be replaced by an android, thus with the overall dumbing down of standards of excellence, not only in the acting field, but seemingly society overall. Cartoon people that are seemingly molded from animations rather than illustrations molded after them, which in turn would make those animations better. Harsh expressions, gritty reality, facial and verbal expressions displaying character in their extremes and subtleties. Ideal displays of passion, guts, testicular fortitude, intelligence, charm, and foremost ability in which to serve as inspiration and contemplation.

Aesthetics have declined, prevailing attitudes are nihilistic, pessimistic, and otherwise lazy, apathetic, with Grunge being a primary musical expression of that. Victim mentality, self-deceit, and unearned entitlement are rampant. An exaltation of the lowest common denominator; the stupid, ignorant, and literally retarded are given equal consideration, which weakens the nation, while nature would see them perish, or otherwise remain in their place.

As to all these ignorable so-called "remakes", all one has to do to experience a timeless presentation is to play it at one's leisure, with ageless characters forever appreciated, portrayed optimally by chosen favorite performers. A true connoisseur of entertainment fare gravitates towards superior depictions, whatever the genre, whatever the irrelevant chronology. That which is superior is often imitated which serve as tributes to the unique progenitor, which is also true of personalities. These can thereby be acknowledged as such, never to eclipse the nucleus, but can only remain footnote-worthy to the genre lexicon.

Overall, "death days" are irrelevant, being that a given performer's works may be timelessly appreciated upon immortal recordings at any given time by one forever. ∞

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