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To The Devil, A Son


Born on May 27th {which he happens to share with Vincent Price, & Peter Cushing the day prior; ergo, the nomenclature "The Unholy Trinity"}, Sir Lee is such a rare gentleman. A real Warrior aligned with both the United Kingdom and Finland, serving in the Finnish Army, British Home Guard, Royal Air Force, achieving the rank of Flight Lieutenant through the Winter War, World War II, North African Campaign, Allied invasion of Italy, and the Battle of Monte Cassino; then famously premiering as thespian, singer, and author. The latter seemed more for his personal expressions and amusement, rather than the previous sense of duty. Overall, prolifically eclectic and worthy of respect.

Now through the suspension of disbelief, the curtain to the dark recesses within one's cerebrum parts into a world of nightmares and dreams, both gratifying in their extremes, the lines of fantasy and reality are obscured for a time, and even merge as one. The masks of the monsters, creatures, villains, devils, madmen, appear in the veritable crystal ball of the silver screen, phantoms of one's own consciousness. And they are embraced as one's own.

I became acquainted with his wonderfully evocative performances in My personally favorite role as Dracula on late night showcases. The Predator Elite, The Devil as a gentleman, the aristocratic count who with a gaze can seduce lovely maidens, and send chills of fear down the spines of any who dare oppose. The fangs displaying The Beast within let loose with all of Hell's fury.

I amassed a collection of films on various VHS tapes, preserving particular ones dedicated to vampire films, Frankenstein films, occult and devil-themed films, monster movies, to documentaries, favored broadcast series, talk show interviews and music videos. Favorites such as Dracula Has Risen From The Grave, Taste The Blood of Dracula, The Satanic Rites of Dracula, Lust For A Vampire {the former three feature Satanic Altars inspired by The Church of Satan}, Dracula, Prince of Darkness, In Search of Dracula {documentary based on Raymond T. McNally's book, in which Sir Lee portrays Vlad Tepes}, etc., but also his roles in Horror Express, Rasputin The Mad Monk, The Devil Rides Out, To The Devil A Daughter, The Wicker Man, et al; to prototypal Diabolists in The Alfred Hitchcock Hour's The Sign Of Satan, Horror Hotel, and portraying The Devil Himself in Poor Devil with Warlock Sammy Davis Jr. All later to be possessed on DVD horror collections.

People are familiar with the roles he played, the career, not the man himself - that is for his friends and family to relate to. His beliefs were his own, and what he did in his personal life on his own time was his own business.

Professionally, Christopher Lee achieved the highest capacity in his field of endeavor, even branching out to others, serving as an ideal example to actors to emulate upon the path to individuality. Notable qualities can be distilled through these highly-evolved characterizations which can be employable individually for the viewer to reflect. The characters he has reflected are immortal, and through them, so is he.

Now take Thy Throne in Satan's Hall of Infamy, and Reign In Power through blissful nightmares evoked in the dead of night throughout all timelessness. ∞

[Horror icons Peter Lorre, Lon Chaney Jr., Peter Cushing, Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, Lon Chaney Sr., John Carradine]

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