DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Memento Vivendi Maleficium 666


On this 666 Date of The Devil*, I fondly reflect upon The High Mass events, an epitome of a Sabbath convergence in My estimation. The essence of the infernal work and foundation thrives continuously, ergo, the founding Nucleic visionary was present. I was pleased to make several remarkable associations and acquaintances therein.
The Sinful Celebrations included

  • 6. The Secret Diabolical Meeting & The Feast of The Beast.
  • 6. The Debaucherous Amusements.
  • 6. The Omnipotent Sorceries, yielding Infernal Talismans & The Blessings of Hell.

Being that a portion of that millennial triumvirate was to mock the trepidation of the herd, in turn utilized for Shadowmantic empowerment, so is presented this series of sonic & audial spectacle for diabolical amusement, contemplation, and reflection. During the quadragesimal Anniversary of the Nativity of The Church of Satan, mass consciousness would focus upon The Omen and all that is nefarious. The Satanic Panic continues, but now with a heightened availability of actual educational Satanic sources for the intelligent to contemplate and perhaps understand.

The thunder nears, devil winds blow, the earth trembles. Hail The Beast... Hail SATAN. ∞

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
Drægon, The Draconian Empire
666/L A.S., ∞ Anno Draconum

* 6/6/15 [1+5=6]

* Related: Manifesto of The Beast | 6/6/6 High Mass | The Omen Legacy
* Addendum: There would be a Reverberation this night, due to time[less]flux continuum, stimulated by description, followed by retroprogression.

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