DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Devil is not mocked


So it came to pass that one who deemed to dare mock The Devil with cowardly, misdirected masochistic attempts at provocation has perished.

On a couple of occasions, someone would yell loudly in a typical blindlighter passive-aggressive manner about "Jesus love you", "The Devil such and such, Satan such and such" while walking briskly by, was shot to death. Punishment fulfilled. ∞

* Story.
* UPDATE 6/25: A funeral was since held, and the suspects apprehended, eliminating extra street trash. [story]

Tonight I charged the DVD player/monitor's remote control. When no amount of the usual tapping worked, I placed it between My hands and concentrated upon the end result of activating the controls. Whereupon opening the battery compartment, one battery was found to have veritably 'melted' - that is to say, the plastic covering, revealing the silver body underneath. The remaining sticker-like surface was removed, and the battery then placed back into the compartment, when lo and behold, it works flawlessly now like a newly charged battery.

About 1/2 an hour after the presentation concluded for the night {Knight Rider S3/E7}, a very discernible light orb was seen coursing through the room, then disappeared into the atmosphere. ∞

Tags: anti-xian, antichrist, antixian, black arts & witch crafts, black book of shadows, blindlighters, curse, fundamentalism, greater magic, magic, misanthropology, misanthropy, nature, occult, paranormal, parapsychology, supernatural, witchcraft

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