Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

A strange, blossoming fruit

Contrast & Compare

It seems that Bruce Jenner was slowly transforming into...

Interesting how they all look alike, almost like they could be related... Has anyone ever seen them at the same time?

Don Dokken!

By the by, it just randomly occurred to Me that Bruce Jenner now looks like he's turning into Don Dokken, at least as seen in some of the latest photos before the pictorial. I 'normally' do not concern Myself with "celebrities" and their petty PC opinions and such, but this was amusing to Me.

WHEATIESThe so-called "breakfast of champions" Wheaties is "okay"... if you like woodchips, and otherwise so long as you make additions, like berries, raisins, or bananas. I became familiar with the athlete through the Olympics and subsequent Wheaties commercials {I recall seeing that box on the shelves at Hughes, resembling peechee folder graphics*}, but personally, I'm a monster cereal kind of ghoul. Although it is a matter of preference, these are the true "breakfast of champions" cereals as far as this 'Wickid' is concerned.

This gender transition is irrelevant, for what he does with his own body is his own business, and other people should mind their own concerns, instead of 'living' through someone else. However, in lieu of these developments, it is interesting that he was apparently featured in Playgirl once.

But while "Jennifer", as it were, or "Caitlyn" blends into the feminine as a man's lady {and impressively so**}, Don Dokken on the other hand, is a metal badass lady's man all the way. Met him at the recording studio in North Hollywood during production of Under Lock & Key, specifically while recording the song "In My Dreams".

I just casually noticed the resemblance - nothing personal against either of them. More than anything, the only thing of pertinence I did notice is that Jenner seems to be out of shape, a far cry from the familiar Olympic frame, and that is just a basic personal responsibility to at least maintain tone. As one who values physical fitness, it would certainly be rather irksome to not address it with oneself.

I suppose there really was something to that "Bruce" inference Wally George would mention from time to time about guests when describing gay or feminine characteristics after all. So now Jenny has become the poster herd god/ess for trannies to inspire others to come out, like its a justification. It will be amusing to witness who else jumps on the pink bandwagon in the coming months. ∞

* which were always seemingly modified to taste.
** It appears to be quite thorough, and improving all the time, to the point where Bruce is now fully Caitlyn.

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