Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Lament For A Tree


Whereupon a recent Constitutional I came upon a tree that had been razed to the ground for no apparent reason. Just a stump left in its place*. It had been a noticeable tree not only because of its beauty and the fact that it had lived there for decades, but also because of its unique formation of tentacle-like twisting roots, which tend to thrive in these parts. Fortunately, there are several others likened unto it, yet the more trees, the better. It had already been trimmed and delimbed, veritably dismembered, curtailing shade, and oxygen, and pleasant vista. Streets should be tree-lined, with branches reaching skeletally to the sky, and otherwise in vibrant lush growth, preferably overgrown as Nature intends, canopies with demon winds rustling through the branches, and crows nestled upon the boughs. And so it has been as much as possible.

Sometimes it seems as if these dolts mutilating trees have nothing better to do than such unnecessary activities. Is this what happens when veritable imbeciles are placed in city-sanctioned positions of influence? They probably have little to no sense of symmetry, aesthetics, or harmonious balance, preferring instead to remove an object of beauty altogether instead of pleasantly modifying, otherwise perpetuating & preserving in order to create a complementary spectacle instead of an eyesore. it seems like mental laziness and/or incapability, but such is the travail of the commoner.

Plus, there is a misnomer in regarding those who merely trim foliage by use of a lawnmower and weeding machine as "gardeners". No, these are just shlubs payed to hack shrubs, and otherwise proles running spinning blades over grass so as to avoid fines. Actual Gardeners have an artistic eye and propagate life, not mutilate the local flora and fauna. I say let Nature grow wild, and let The Addamses, The Munsters, and Edward Scissorhands be an example, as well as Mr. Miyagi.

Pieces of it are stacked by the roadside, and scavengers have already begun making away with small batches into car trunks. Fire wood? Perhaps furniture? Hopefully for some constructive use at least.

So as the hydra, may two trunks issue forth therefrom, more eerily beautiful and Stronger than before. ∞

* However, tree stumps do make for great outdoor altars, especially with the Pentagram and/or sigil of Belial inscribed thereupon.

6/2: I now have a memento of it - about a 3' length x 9" width section of trunk/branch in the living room that may perhaps be utilized as an outdoor Altar, pedestal, or room addition representing Belial.

* UPDATE 6/25: Turns out the 'reason' for the tree's removal was to repair the sidewalk that had been cracked and lifted by the roots. This is an absolutely ridiculous "reason" and is furthermore, a non-sequitur. I have never had any problems with sidewalks around here - if there happens to be bump or crack, I just walk over it without a second thought. It certainly is no reason to kill a whole tree that has been peacefully living there for decades, contributing to the environment via scenery, oxygen, shade, and a home for birds. But perhaps because some imbecile tripped or something, where stupidity may and should have hurt, thus learned a lesson and remember the terrain next time, complaining like a petty gutless retard, a wonderful gentle being is lost. Completely unacceptable. I'd rather have a tree than any such morons anytime. Now that particular spot looks barren and lifeless - we shall see if the city's "beautification program" replaces the tree with something living, like grass or a bush, or even a sapling. ∞

Tags: addams family, aesthetics, art, belial, black earth, constitutional, diary, dracumentary, herd mentality, horticulture, munsters, nature, nocturnal, plants

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