Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Car x Goliath


Contrast & Compare

I noticed that the klaxon horns of the evil automobile THE CAR and GOLIATH truck are very similar, if not identical, with the only difference being the sequence - while The Car's is one long, two short, & 1 long burst [x], Goliath's is just random according to Garth ["Vader"]. Inspect the videos - as above, so below.

This is not all too surprising, considering the same veritable "Satanic Mechanic", as it were, George Barris constructed them {not to mention The Batmobile & Munster Koach as well}, and Glen Larson's penchant for sometimes reusing various effects for his presentations [xx]. ∞

[x] "-..-" means "X" in Morse code, which also traditionally signifies 'Death' of characters in illustrations (X_X), zombies, a marking on tombstones {RxIxPx significant of crossbones}, and otherwise highly potent alcohol or poison in a series of three. Interestingly, it also came to mean "kiss" and ratings levels of pornography. It has also been curiously postulated as representing '666' as the 24th letter in the alphabet [2+4=6]; ergo, "XXX" signifies "666". Academically, 'X' frequently means 'incorrect'; also means to "cross-out" some undesirable element, like "xmas". Overall, 'X' tends to carry an unpopular or negative connotation.
[xx] Refer to the visors used for Cylons and KITT's scanner, as well as some of the equipment in The Semi resembling Battlestar Galactica & Buck Rogers In The 25th Century's props.

Tags: 666, automotive, batman, black earth, kitt, knight rider, munsters, numerology, rip, spechtreum, xmas

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