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Totally 80s POP CULTURE/Enneagram Personality...

The Totally 80s POP CULTURE Trivia Quiz

You're an 80s GENIUS. You probably solve a Rubik's Cube while you aerobicize.
You're an 80s GENIUS. You probably solve a Rubik's Cube while you aerobicize.

C'est la vie.

Which Enneagram Personality Type Do You Have?


The Challenger
You're Enneagram personality type is the Challenger. You pursue truth and you're unwilling to compromise on what you know is correct. You are self-sufficient and thrive when you work independently. You are naturally adventurous and somewhat of a risk taker. You resent being controlled or manipulated and you crave freedom. Your forcefulness can put others off, but when balanced you have the unique ability to challenge others and encourage them to seek the truth. Channel your inner crusading spirit for the meaningful things in life and don't get caught up on the small battles. You're a warrior at heart and the fight awaits! Are you ready?

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