Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Pumpkin Patch Kids

As an interesting idea, about once a year around Helloween, Cabbage Patch Kids dolls could be outfitted in all sorts of fun ghoulish costumes complete with masks and accessories, even versions of monsters themselves - characters from horror movies like Damien {The Omen}, Regan {The Exorcist}, Rosemary's Baby, Pubert, Wednesday & Pugsly Addams, Eddie Munster, {even the entire families}, Children of The Corn, Wizards & Witches, as well as classic depictions of Dracula, Wolfman, Frankenstein, The Creature, Mummy, mythological characters like Medusa, hydra, gremlins, goblins, trolls, etc.; as well as perhaps outfits of various characters from favored presentations - shows like Knight Rider, Bewitched, you name it; and also historical figures - Einstein, Darwin, Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe, H .P. Lovecraft, you name it. It could be called the Pumpkin Patch Kids line.


Under a full moon Halloween night, a robed figure steals away into a deserted pumpkin patch field carrying a book of spells. The phantom traces a pentagram into a clearing, a black candle upon a pumpkin at each point, and speaks the Magic Words of Power. Faces begin forming upon the gourds as hellfire sparks on the wicks, descending within, lighting expressions of living creatures - perhaps "possessed" by demons?

Of course, there are the charming Living Dead Dolls, Krypt Kiddies, Unborn Creations, and the like, also Annabelle & Chucky, but I would like to see a horror variation of these CPK's in production, apart from just costume patterns or independent customized ones. Some of those can be impressive, with the artists hired to replicate them.

Otherwise perhaps so-called "Garbage Pail Kids"* could become more active in releasing actual figures, or maybe these two companies could cooperate to being about "Pumpkin Patch Kids".

Additionally, Pumpkin Patch Kids could just be another name for infernal progeny. ∞

* I do recall seeing these trading cards being displayed about at school.

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Tags: dracling, halloween, horror, infernal progeny, toys

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