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Education level, Addams Family member, 80's bands

You are on top!!

You enjoy academic settings, as they fit your balanced, self-aware personality. You are engaged in the entire scholarly experience, and always seek opportunities to enhance learning. You are hardworking, and won’t let any challenge stop you from achieving the best grades possible. Good for you, Professor!!

In that case, you guessed very well, although the most valuable knowledge is that accumulated by the living and the experiencing, ergo, wisdom; and otherwise applying that which one has learned in those halls of learning; though even so, Aristotle's Lyceum is the perfect model thereof in My estimation, while more personalized interests are pursued in auto-didactic form, inclusive of Martial and Occult disciplines. ∞

"Satanism demands Study, not worship." {The Satanic Rituals; LaVey}

Which Addams Family Member Are You?


You got Wednesday Addams! While you have a sweeter spirit about you, you are by no means easily charmed. You have a fascination with death and put little time and effort into being someone you're not. You seldom smile, but when you do, it shines. You're the baby of the family, and probably feel very close to them, if not a little misunderstood.

I'll agree with that assessment up until the last sentence. True family is earned, not automatically considered. Those who share mutual interests, and contribute to one's perspectives, with bonds formed as allies. As far as physical relations, indeed, they have always considered Me "weird" and "odd", and that suits Me fine. More evolved, certainly. "Different", definitely. "Misunderstood", absolutely, save for those with a capability and willingness to understand.

Yes, I do indeed harbor a natural inclination towards the morbid, the strange, the arcane, always have, considering this memento-mori observations. ∞

Good stuff! You're an 80's band expert!!
You got 100% on How Many 80s Bands Do You Know?

David Byrne and Talking Heads there. It is what it is. Amusing, really, and speaks to the fact that even the pop media is better than post-2K swill. The "new wave" stuff is evocative of St. Charles Borromeo, the Y, and previous [KROQ]; while the pop rock is reminiscient of KLOS, KMET, & later KNAC & Pirate Radio for the glam rock & pop "metal", or Hard Rock, which was eventually eclipsed by Heavy Metal, Black, Death, Thrash, Doom, etc., and Classical. Overall, it is whatever suits the mood.

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