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Gesticulations & Enunciations of Potency


Of Diverse Signs
"These most potent signs shall be so formed with thy left hand when thou employeth them in ye Rites.
Ye first sign is that of Voor and in nature it be ye true symbol of ye Old Ones. Make ye thus whenever thou wouldst supplicate Those that ever waite beyond the Threshold.
Ye second sign is that of Kish and it breaketh down all barriers and openeth ye portals of ye Ultimate Planes.
In ye third place goeth ye Great Sign of Koth which sealeth ye Gates and guardeth ye pathways.
Ye forth sign is that of ye Elder Gods. It protecteth those who would evoke ye powers by night, and banish ye forces of menace and antagonism.
(Note: Ye Elder Sign hath yet another form and when so enscribed upon ye grey stone of Mnar it serveth to hold back ye power of Ye Great Old Ones for all time.)" - Al Azif - The Cipher Manuscript Known As 'Necronomicon'; Ye Book of Ye Arab, Abdul Alhazred, 730 at Damascus.
  • Ye Sign of Voor: Ye Cornu used in Satanic Rites of Darkness. To be utilized upon supplications unto Satanas and The Infernal Names; and as a honor unto the Daemon Brothers & Sisters of Hell, as well as greetings towards lieges. Blessings dispensed and received with left 'sinister' hand; Curses and Hexes with right to dispense Ye 'Evil Eye' upon target sacrifices {pointed thereunto accompanied with Words of Power as referenced in Dracomeroth}, and traced with ye Signum Pentaculum o'er parchments, relics, tools, and effigies.
  • Ye Sign of Kish: Gesticulate forwards with ye sinister hand during Opening of Ye Portal Gates while reading appropriate Enochian Key in Enochian, beginning The Rites of Darkness after ye Purification with the Hell Bell, first tracing ye Trapezoid Gateway 'round perimeter of Altar with ye Staff or Sword of Power. Right hand then rests upon Staff, or grasps Sword. Turn 'Key' widdershins after reading.
    🜏 {Note: 'Key' also refers to Sulfur sigil}
  • Ye Great Sign of Koth: Unnecessary for Satanic Rituals, but may be employed for Ceremony in conclusion of the rite during reading of Enochian Keys in native tongue.
  • Ye Elder Sign: Ye pitchfork sign may be employed for Compassion Rituals and protection against antagonists.
Motions & Words of Empowerment

Along with the "Manus Magiciorum" of Dracomeroth, I have found these gesticulations useful for the practice of Satanic Sorcery and Infernal Art, resonating with Satanic psychology in the sense of coalescence with The Forces of Darkness conjured, with terminology and aesthetics. Such Motions and Words of Power intensify the atmosphere, creating even more effective workings, and attract certain shadow forces which are conducted.

The Magician utilizes whichever iconography & terminology that is stimulating to the psyche and piques the emotions to create an aetheric imprint and subsequent materialization through course of action and diabolical machinations. Projective thought-forms emanate from The Sorcerer to grant a momentum in accordance with the Will. In essence, making them REAL.

Lovecraft was a Shadowmancer who indeed exercised his own shadow side in fullness with his inspired works much appreciated. Rooted in ancient Sumerian legends, these embody demonic archetypes. Was he an empath to demonic forces seeking entry into this dimension, or just a creative genius? Perhaps a bit of both...

Whether it be this lore or that of the grimoires, the Satanist distills that which grants motivation. Inscribing their symbols upon parchments as mandalas of diabolical meditation. Suffice it to say, these gesticulations & enunciations cause potent vibrations which are wielded with directed force. The Source of Power combined with charged instruments and hellementals ensures reverberation.

Experiment with Necronomicon as ye will, but remain in keeping with those prescriptions for total submersion; these indications are for employment with Satanic ritual, and are modified to suit Satanic Psychology. Hypothetically, the Satanist would be that referred to in Lovecraftian lore as those 'Evil Magicians' of the race of the dragon who concert with Maskim Xul as one in the same.

Lo, I hear Them calling at Hell Gate... ∞

"The Ancient Rulers of the Darkness, in a time before Time, when no Light existed...
...From the blood of Kingu, Ruler of The Ancient Ones, was the race of Man created and from the fluids of the vile Serpent Tiamat were the Heavens, the Stars and the Earth created.
The Ancient Ones keep constant watch over The Gates of Absu, forever seeking entrance into Our World, so that They may rule the Earth.
Wicked are those magicians that are skilled that they may rouse The Ancient Ones and rouse The Serpent of The Deep Waters, known as Cthulhu, and grant them access into Our World."

Further Reading* Also see: Kuji-in/Kuji-Kiri.

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