Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Rite of Waking & Repose

The Following may precede The Duskening/Dawning. Upon waking for the night/day, and nocturnal or diurnal descension. Purpose is for the preservation & enhancement of The Magical Mindset, focus, discipline, and overall psychological empowerment:

With the Cornu of the Left hand facing inwards*,
  • I. Begin over heart.
  • II. Down to navel.
  • III. Up towards right chest.
  • IV. Downwards left over lower left chest.
  • V. Over towards lower right chest.
  • VI. Return to left over heart.


Arise from thine regenerative undead slumber; begin & conclude with Signum Pentaculum:
"In Nomine Satanas, Potentiam Inferus!"
If before The Altar, uplift hands facing Baphomet, then interlace Cornus {'Cornu Compagino', or 'Manos Cornuto'}. Otherwise, just interlace Cornus:
"This is the day/night The Devil has made! I shall be mighty & glad in it! I bear The Black Flame in My heart, and arise from Hell to walk The Black Earth to take that which tempts whenever I can, and engage in responsible indulgence! Hail [name]! Hail SATAN!"
Now go about thine business.


Begin & conclude with Signum Pentaculum:
"In Nomine Satanas, Potentiam Inferus!"
Motion Manos Cornuto:
"Now I lay Me down to sleep unto the depths of Thy Keep, into thine arms, within thine wings, I travel forth the world of dreams. To gather strength, to rise again, emerge anew, in timelessness. Hail [name]! Hail SATAN!"
Now sleep deeply for revitalization. ∞

* Also bear The Infernal Alignment in mind; separately along with 'Satanic Grace' said before meals during waking activities. - see Dracomeroth.

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