Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Were You A Spoiled ’80s Kid?

Were You A Spoiled ’80s Kid?
You checked off a tubular 24 out of 99 on this checklist

"Dude, that’s totally lame. Are you an airhead, juiced or just illin’? Your parents should have bought you more toys."

More or less... but with the given choices, I just skipped over the lame toys on this list; plus many others were omitted; and Hell, I pretty much AM The Goblin King! There also seems to be no consideration for gender-based toys, just upon the amount accumulated, regardless of quality.

Besides those I received as gifts for birthdays and xmas, I earned most of My toys through chores, saving up, and working for Earl's Toys distributing fliers.  I rate this questionnaire a 1/5.
Tags: dracling, games, infernal progeny, memes, questionnaire, tests, toys

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