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Well Hell, I happen to agree with these assessments:

Which Famous Painting Are You?


The Scream
You are most definitely a thinker, and are drawn to the darker side of life. You are keen on having deep and intellectual conversations with others, and like to share knowledge from your own life's experiences. Things haven't always been easy for you; in fact much of life has been a challenge. Despite that, your understanding of life's difficulties helps you to understand where others come from. You are a strong willed person though, and this can get you into trouble. Always being a bit of a rebel has gotten you into some less than ideal situations, and you have to keep yourself in check! But like the character in The Scream, an archetype for the Joker, or a manifestation of our deepest fears, you keep us on our toes, and force us to question our world. But just like the Joker, on the flip side of your darkness, there is a jovial, celebratory individual that loves life, and is comedic at heart.


What Natural Phenomenon Are You?


You are a Volcano
You can be unexpected and dangerous, especially around strangers, but also very valuable and impressive around those who really know and love you. You are bold, fearless and fierce when triggered, yet calm and peaceful when you feel at ease. What others don't know is that you're actually pretty vulnerable underneath that tough exterior. Just pay attention to what makes you erupt, and keep up the good job of being such a magnificent (and sexy) living phenomenon.


Which Magical Creature Are You?


You are a vampire! You are most productive in the night time hours and not really much of a morning person. You are attractive and know how to get what you want with your looks and charm. You are also fierce and independent and people should not get on your bad side!


What Kind of Witch Are You?


Solitary Witch
Practicing magic has always been something that you prefer to do on your own. You fly solo through the night sky and don't work as part of a coven or group of witches. Excelling at sorcery and spells is what you're known for and because you work alone, you've had centuries to master your craft!


What Greek Goddess Are You?


You are Athena. You are the goddess of wisdom and war. Your friends look up to you when hard times come.


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