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Are you the parent or the child?

It has occurred to Me that people seem to come in two basic catagories: those who are of the "child" mentality {followers; sheeple}, and those who are of the "parent" mentality {leaders; innovators, iconoclasts}; the former would be worshippers of externalized deities {diverting responsibility outwards; projection, escapism}; whereas the latter worship The Self {i.e., Self-determination}, and what promotes personal evolution, even archetypal images as a reflection of The Self, One's Godhood. This would merely be a different terminological spin on the recognition of stratification, but a poignant one nonetheless.

Much can be deciphered by observing what kinds of religious systems people are drawn towards. There are those who are attracted to deities of blindlight, i.e., "big daddy" or "mommy" in the sky by whatever name/s used, followers whining and martyred, many times with a dose of hypocritically vicarious Crusader Syndrome; and then there are those few Strong Individuals who necessitate no such crutch, no such delusion, or "spiritual" placebo, there is no "hole in the soul" to be filled, for We are sufficient and complete unto Ourselves.


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