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One day as I was minding My own business at school, Sgt. Emon came around again for one of his "talks" - on this particular conversation, he wanted to know some of the bands I listen to; at the time it was mostly Black Metal, Death Metal, & Thrash, so I mentioned Venom, Celtic Frost, Possessed, Bathory, Slayer, Exodus, Destruction, Onslaught, Infernal Majesty, Exorcist, even Mercyful Fate*, with the core Heavy Metal bands as a given, like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Dio, Ozzy, Black Sabbath {all}, etc... as well as My pre-NECROMANCER band at the time called KERNOS. Little did I know that he would include it in a Satanic Panic pamphlet called "Satanic Worship and Heavy Metal Music" included verbatim below, followed by clarifications.

And so it was time and again that after conversations with Me, I would see My ideas, works, even likeness** in various Satanic Panic presentations and propaganda literature here and there. ∞

* I was a small bit put off by the voice at the time, but have since then learned to love it.
** Notably in 'Devil Worship: The Rise of Satanism' [Jeremiah Films], 'America's Best Kept Secret: A Look At Modern Day Satanism' [Passport Magazine Production; Logos Media Group], Pacesetters, Inside Edition, The June Cain Miller Show [KDOC 56], Talk Back [Bob Larson], Emon's "Occult Seminars", and Satan knows where else - all discovered by happenstance & subconscious clairvoyance.

Satanic Worship and Heavy Metal Music\,,/
SYMBOL: Horned Hand.
** Satanic Salute; Represents Devil's Horns; 666.

SYMBOL: Anarchy
** Denial of Authority.
Symbol: Satan backwards.
** Δ - "A" in ancient writing.
Symbol: Fuck The World
** Old Bikers Term
Symbol: Three-Headed Dog
Protector of Gateway to Hell
** Wickyre of Jimmy Page.
Symbol: Supreme White Power
** White Supremacy term.

Symbol: Lightning Bolt
** Represents 'S' for Satan/Stoners
Symbol: Twisted Sister
** Heavy Metal Musical Group
Symbol: Anti-Christ/Devils Children
** Heavy Metal Musical Group
(note lightning bolt)
Symbol: Black Flag
** Heavy Metal Musical Group
Symbol: Ozzy Osbourne
** Madman of Heavy Metal
former singer/Black Sabbath
Symbol: Heavy Metal Music Group
** Note double lightning bolts for SS

Symbol: Yin-Yang
Male-Female; night-day; good-evil

Symbol: Sword of Power
** Aggressive Force - used in Satanic rituals.

** Order of The Golden Dawn; Order of Silver Star; Ordo Templi Orientis.
ANTON LAVEY: The Black Pope.
** Leader of The Church of Satan; organized 1968
** Leader of The Temple of Set; former member of Church of Satan; organized 1975.

Black Metal
Iron Maiden
Motley Crue
Merciful Fate
Black Sabbath
Ozzy Osbourne

(The above listed groups were placed in the category of Black Metal due to the Satanic messages of their music/album covers/sleeves)

  • Horned Hand: In point of fact, it is known as the "Cornu" {not "cornuto"} which does symbolize the Horns of Satan, and is demonstrated in Satanic Rites as a sign of allegiance and camaraderie. In Magic, the left-handed Cornu is used for Infernal Blessings, while the right hand is utilized for Curses. In first phase development, it may signify "defiance" of so-called "God" {or shall we say spiritual constraints likened Lucifer's Rebellion, a Miltonian prideful rebel depiction; which may also be reflected in the inverse cross incidentally, in the sense of a sword uplifted}, but more importantly Strength, Will, Creativity & Imagination, the veritable hellmark of one's own divinity, with the three fingers curled in "denial" of the "holy trinity" which may then perhaps be considered a '666' configuration in the bends of the fingers as a carnal assertion of the Humanimal Beast.
    I do like the gnarled look of the drawing - it grants an evil, mystical sort of grimoire {herd pronunciation: "grimor-ee"} impression, like the hand of a Sorcerer, and otherwise The Hand of Glory. The Cornu has been gesticulated in occult rituals since drawn in various grimoires, with its first recorded media display by Magus Anton Szandor LaVey on the Joe Pyne Show; Rock & Heavy Metal performers would since use it for their shows. Quorthon of Bathory would eventually utilize the depiction with a stylized claw addition on the album "The Return..." It also reminds of the hand from the astronaut who held the Loc-nar from the film Heavy Metal.
  • Anarchy: Satanists do not advocate anarchy, but instead stand for law and order. Chaos and disorganization can be a starting point to build upon towards development and evolution, like the aftermath from a war, but in this case, christianity is a paper tiger, with icons of weakness and servility presented for those with a need to be led, and the type by whatever name called, will continue to exist in one form or another, as it has throughout the centuries. An anarchtic state is temporary until order is introduced by superior individuals of heroic stature.
    But perhaps what this is attempting to state is the chaos of destroying this blindlight religion in favor of a devil-worshipping one, which would basically be replacing the same thing in kind with another shade of worship.
    Anarchy is completely anti-productive, whereas organized rebellion is working towards a goal to seek a productive system of regulation.
  • NΔTΔS: May be a secretive variant under oppressive conditions, and otherwise a stimulating pronunciation resonant with the practitioner's psyche. Also, written "DROL SI NΔTΔS", spoken "NATAS SI DROL" accompanied with the Cornu. Definition of this type of backwards speech: "SHILGNE {shil-gnee or shil-gnay} - So-called Backward-masking. Backward speech. Originally propagated by xian propagandists during the SRA hysteria." - Dractionary.
  • FTW, or "Fuck The World" can be taken to mean "to Hell with the world", and a general statement of "Fuck off!" usually accompanied by the middle finger. A sentiment of the rejection of mandated traditional values, pretentious authority, or parental deities in favor of self-determination. Typical liberal usage in formative development. The acronym has also come to mean "For The Win", and of course in this sense, would be inherently Satanic.
  • ZOSO: Used on Led Zeppelin albums; as a devotee of Aleister Crowley, it may be a "name of revelation" or witch name adopted by Robert Plant for himself, and otherwise a "guiding daemon" for the band. It has since become a popular demonic name invoked during Ouija sessions. The name of the Hound of Hell which guards the Gates of The Underworld is Cerberus.
  • SWP: Irrelevant. Racism has nothing to do with Satanism whatsoever. Satanism recognizes superiority based upon intelligence, accomplishment and personal resonance with Satanic philosophy [Satanic Bible, Satanic Statements, Rules of The Earth, Satanic Sins} which propagates evolution.
  • Lightning Bolt: The lightning bolt is recognized as representative of The Black Flame within, and the Hellement of Lucifer. The Power of The Will made manifest, "As Above, So Below". As to "stoners" , read Our Policy on Drug Abuse.
  • TS: Irrelevant, with the exception that the music is about carnality and celebrating pleasure, which is inherently Satanic. As such, though members of the band are not Satanists per se, it does sometimes express de-facto qualities from time to time. The singer is depicted as the developed character of a cannibalistic transvestite nightmare, all in keeping with the band's pseudo-horror shock gimmick to gain attention and provide an entertaining Halloweenish spectacle for fans. Favorite Song: Burn In Hell.
  • AC⚡DC: Not actual Satanists, but use devilish imagery. The band assert the meaning of the acronym signifies alternating and direct current with the shock symbol used in keeping with electricity. Although the entertaining demonic gimmick has garnered immense attention to the band, and as such, give The Devil His due.
    Of course, technology is inherently Satanic in the sense that historically, what is considered strange, 'different', Magical, revolutionary, or diabolical by the masses and prevailing religions at the time frequently becomes accepted as scientific progress and ironically, evolutionary. In this sense, Revolution frequently leads to Evolution.
  • ||||: Irrelevant, with the caveat that Black Flag is a Punk band, not Heavy Metal. If Satanism had a flag, it may probably look like this.
  • OZZY Irrelevant. Like the other bands mentioned, this performer has also utilized demonic iconography and horror themes for shock value and/or personal expressions and preferences, is not a Satanist, but may express de-facto sentiments from time to time which may be appreciated by Satanists. I personally enjoy his music from Black Sabbath and into his solo career.
  • KI⚡⚡: Irrelevant to Satanism. Also known as "Knights In Satan's Service", and "Kings In Satan's Service". However, like the other bands, have used spectacular presentations with nefarious qualities because it is entertaining. However, it is known that certain configurations may attract certain daemonic forces, and this combined with energetic biochemical radiation and emotional intensity can be utilized for dynamic purposes.
  • Yin-Yang: From Buddhist derivation, though its symbolic principles are universal. I would say it is Satanic in the sense that it asserts both potentials in one whole, brought together in the Balance of Chi, signified by The Circle; and resonant with the postures of The Sabbatic Baphomet.
    "Magic is Magic by whatever name it is called, used to help or hinder.", as well as "Good is what you like. Evil is what you don't like." {Magus LaVey: The Devil's Notebook}.
  • Sword of Power: As referred to in The Satanic Bible utilized in Satanic Rituals to conduct the Sorcerer's Will Power, prevailing emotional energy, a visual directive, which may also include a Staff of Power in accordance to the preference of the Magician. Pagans refer to the ritual blade as the arcane 'athame'.
  • Satanic Leaders
    • 1. X Incorrect. Aleister Crowley never claimed to be a Satanist, and furthermore, never was. Not relevant to Satanism. His dictum "Do What Thou Wilt" is often mistaken as some sort of Satanic "commandment", which it is not. He founded a religion called "Thelema", and was indeed a member of those organizations cited in the description.
    • 2. Correct. Magus Anton Szandor LaVey is the Founder and First High Priest of The Church of Satan. However, The Church of Satan was founded in 1966 c.e. / Year One of The Age of Fire, while The Satanic Bible was published in 1969. 1968 was the year of the First Satanic Baptism, Funeral, and Wedding.
    • 3. X Incorrect. Michael Aquino resigned from The Church of Satan to found a spiritual organization called The Temple of Set, which worships a prototypal Egyptian neter of darkness. He is not considered a Satanist. Satanists do not worship deities and furthermore, Set is mentioned in The Infernal Names, and it is for the individual to select whichever Infernal Name will best suit the purpose at hand to enhance the psychodrama of the Ritual Chamber, and the atmosphere one wishes to create utilizing whatever symbology, terminology, theme and decor one wishes as stimulating to the psyche and emotional output.

  • Black Metal Bands {With the exception of Venom (who coined the term), Mercyful Fate, Slayer, and Kernos, these are just Heavy Metal bands}
    • Dio: Means "God" in Latin, and if you reverse the logo, the design spells DEVIL; known for gesticulating the Cornu at concerts and an excellent former vocalist for Black Sabbath on into a splendid solo career.
    • Iron Maiden: christian paranoia-mongers usually cite their Number of The Beast album, and it is just a fantastic opus full of drama and fun-fear}.
    • Kernos ?
    • Venom: Took Satanic aesthetics to new heights of spectacle; xian nightmares personified.
    • Slayer: Intense demonic musick, themes and imagery.
    • Mötley Crüe: Hard Rock with an evil edge, went glam, then back to "bad boy" image.
    • Merciful Fate: The band spells it "Mercyful Fate"; Vocalist King Diamond is an actual Church of Satan member.
    • AC/DC: see above.
    • Black Sabbath: A favorite band from Ozzy to Dio to Martin.
    • Ozzy Osbourne: see above.

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