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The Fourth Sense

The Fourth Sense

Though the actual experience of a given scent is preferred, some progress has been made in olfactory technology in the past few years, beginning with Smell-O-Vision in the 50's c.e. as an enhancement of the cinematic experience, in which patrons were given scent cards with cues throughout the presentation to inhale the surface. Treat bags were handed out at Willy Wonka showings containing candy and scratch and sniff cards as well.

The scents could be intended as an enhancement to the multi-sensory perceptions for games and advertisements, where passing a restaurant for instance, could emit food scents, while passing by different environments would emit the smells of the woods, beach, flowers, or gasoline, burning, a bar, church, circus, zoo, etc., or any combination of these. But for particular brands to be sampled olfactorily would probably best necessitate continuance through the post, or given to customers with their purchase. Modules need to be plugged into the computer via USB port which heat up the tabs within, and could be refilled with various scented oils, like a certain ionizer used to do.

The idea of downloading scents from the internet is a difficult one to complete, and would involve complex DNA compounds to actually perceive upon transmission, which could sometimes take several hours. Various scents will be "captured" with 'scentography' to accompany posts some day.

However, I foresee the scratch and sniff idea to be the most practical, wherein scent cards may be purchased in a pack, then inserted into a device attached to the computer like a printer, containing an 'arm', or 'finger' with an abrasive surface at the end which would effectively "scratch" the appropriate segment on a card, then a little fan would puff the aroma out through small ports and into the nostrils of the participant.

Again, this could not "replace" the actual experience of the sense in an environment, but it can suggest flavors, places, and stimulate some evocative memories.

The Fifth Sense

And what about taste? "Taste-O-Vision"? This has proven to be even more difficult to simulate than scent. The closest science has achieved in this gustatory dimension is experimentation with electrodes inserted into key points on the tongue, which are then stimulated to suggest sweetness, sourness, saltiness, bitterness, or umami, and this combined with certain scents may indicate particular foods, which could also foreseeably accompany "taste cards" to go along with scent cards.

Overall, as to both, these would assuredly remain a fun novelty, as entertainment*, even perhaps for X-rated applications, and I imagine it would also be useful for robots and androids to identify smells and flavors.

Ultimately however, it would be hypothetically better to prepare for a presentation with various relative snacks, perhaps consumed and timed to certain key points, which would also naturally contain the appropriate scents to go along with them. And it would be better for someone to send you a portion of a confection if only too far to normally travel for a visit.

Like with the notion of meals in pill form as well. Unless it is the only alternative, survival or occupational, nothing quite compares to enjoying a delectable meal in an environment of one's choosing with all of the scents in activation, either solo or along with preferred company. ∞

* although perhaps it may help in restoring damaged taste buds.


Much has been attempted by media companies to create a multi-sensory experience, with major concentrations being upon sight {3D, curved screens, immersive physical inter-activity} & sound {music, sound effects, surround sound} primarily, with touch becoming more prevalent, considering vibrating consoles, a variety of designs and textures, which may one day perhaps include shocks and thermal sensations.

I recall arcade games where participants could actually sit inside an encompassing screen enclosure {"OmniVisioN", as it were; not just omniscience or clairvoyance} to play a game [Tron, car racing, and Knight Rider come to mind], where even peripheral vision was accessed. Of course, these technologies are currently in use with law enforcement training procedures and the military. ∞

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