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Explore The Loch

I actually rather like this quite a bit. The graphic is cleverly amusing with the notion of aliens portraying a cryptid, in this case Nessie, and speaks to some theories cast out there from aliens representing themselves as angels and deities, to seeding the human race onward towards evolution. But the concentration here is on the technomantic ability to use the electric eye like a crystal ball/skull to observe locations afar off, and can serve as inspiration towards traveling thereunto.

In Dracomeroth {Black Earth Voyages}, it is recommended that the Magician voyage unto various Power Centers to empower oneself and some useful talismans to increase Magical and overall potency, as well as experience and explore The Black Earth for adventure. Though it does not compare to actually being there physically present, it can serve to familiarize oneself on a more thorough level with visual enhancement.

Lochness is certainly a recommendation, along with Stonehenge, The Great Pyramids, Chitzen Itza, Machu Pichu, The Bermuda Triangle, Sedona, et al, as well as likened spots, haunted places, monoliths, and the Seven Wonders of The World. ∞

Tags: adventure, black earth, cryptozoology, dracomeroth, haunted highway, haunted house, haunted places, paranormal, parapsychology, supernatural, technology, technomancy, travel

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