Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The 4 Marvel Hellementals


It occurred to Me that the Fantastic Four can foreseeably correspond with The Four-Crown Princes of Hell in the sense that these characterizations are elementals. Indeed, there have been many characters who have been modeled as embodying the elements; for instance, The Four-Crown Kings & Queens of Hælloween, & The Four-Crown Kings of Rock 'N' Roll Hell, along with various Magically artistic manifestations {Hellmark}; and each elemental tends to have a villainous counterpart as well; although The 4-Crown Princes of Hell also symbolize the balance of The All-One {artistically exemplified in The Sabbatic Goat of Mendes}.

Well, for those so inclined and are stimulated by the comic book aesthetics, and for evocative value, here we have the Marvel Comic Book renditions of the elemental concept:

  • Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic {Water}: Fluid like water, pliable, malleable, can stretch distances and mold into practically any shape.
  • Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman {Air}: Vaporous, unseen, can float like air. "Ghost Girl".
  • Johnny Storm/Human Torch {Fire}: Can self-immolate and direct fire, in essence, IS FIRE.
  • Ben Grimm/The Thing {Earth}: Made of rock, pebble, boulder and stone with an inordinate amount of raw strength and is practically indestructible.

Of course, these would be in a group category {X-Men are another great comparison for exhibiting de-facto Satanic traits}; for individual characters may also be selected as embodying these qualities; Batman, for instance, Spiderman, The Hulk, Superman, etc., et al}. ∞

As a small Dracling during the exclusive comic phase which eventually yielded to occult and horror, I'd pick up this and other comic book series wherever I could find them, which for some reason tended to be liquor stores and supermarkets like Hughes. 7-11 had a good selection with a dedicated rack, with some of the more hard-to-find comics offered at a recessed liquor store {Dracula, Hellstrom, Conan, and actually offered comic books; with other horror magazines like Fangoria intended for adolts kept behind the counter}; otherwise the library had a pretty good collection of comic novels. Whatever was available at the time, I tended to purchase it, then go on over to the donut shoppe for a hot chocolate and donuts, which would give Me more energy to jet about town on My Schwinn Tornado dirt bike {also Zorro's steed's name}, showing them off to friends and frequently playing out some of the scenarios.

* A Warning to Infernal Progeny: Unless it is completely of your own volition with full permission, whether as trade or gifts, make sure you preserve your toys and comics in a safe place, because one day you may want to place them for personal display in your private quarters. I recommend sleeves for comics and sealable or lockable boxes or chests for toys with a list of contents. Beware of nosy relatives going behind your back trying to pilfer them for their children - let them get their own toys and comics! You have placed enough energy into them that they have become veritable 'talismans' holding Magical, evocative, as well as sentimental value; otherwise you may one day find yourself having to recollect these items from various sources like auctions, garage/yard sales, and the internet like ebay; that goes for books and clothing as well. Also, photograph and film significant events for timeless reflection. ∞

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