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CBS Shows Quizzes

You Got NCIS: Los Angeles!

What NCIS Team Would You Be On?

You may have a laid back personality but you are tough as nails and deliver on every task 115%. You often spend your post work hours with your co-workers who are always friends-first and business colleagues second.

You Got The Big Bang Theory Sheldon!

The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon
What Kind of </Genius> Are You?

Your scientific approach to life may make you seem aloof in social situations but you'd rather solve a formula than attend a party anyway. However, when you do venture out, your graphic tee collection is the envy of everyone in the room. When it comes to friends, you value quality over quantity.

You Got Criminal Minds!

Criminal Minds
What Crime Fighting Team Do You Belong To?

You see the light in darkness and thrive on the thrill of the chase. You're ready to jump on a jet at a moment's notice to pursue a lead. Profiling is your strength. Your colleagues are your closest allies and you count on teamwork to get the job done. Welcome to to BAU!

I actually have not seen any of these shows, nor do I intend to, as post-2k presentations tend to be lackluster, devoid of real talent, character, and not merit My attention; but some of the descriptions would hypothetically be correct, if placed in that situation:

  • NCIS LA: It would definitely be beneficial if I Am well acquainted with a so-called "co-worker" to be more comfortable and familiar with their characteristics in order to create an optimum occupational result. "Play" as well as 'work' together would be a bonus, especially if there is an attractive female present.

  • Big Bang Theory: I would have to agree with the statement that I do indeed value quality over quantity in regards to most things, although a nice generous quantity of quality is preferable.

  • Criminal Minds: No FLAG? Oh, that was NBC. Anyway, it does seem true that I tend to "profile" very well, and if I Am committed towards an end result, then tenacity is a natural trait, with the "thrill of the hunt" as a bonus as well as additional motivating factor, Plus, the criminal mind has always been an interest - so much so, that I took an Abnormal Psychology / Criminology course, which was very enjoyable, and substantiated My own personal and private study on the persistent interest.
    I do recognize Thomas Gibson, who made a great Devil Alexander Rotha in The Devil's Child, and a most amusing Greg in Dharma & Greg, the analytical counterpart to the sin-thetical Dharma personality {played by Jenna Elfman, Maestro Elfman's niece.}.

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