DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Blood Moon Esbat

This particular Blood Moon Esbat also includes a lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse represents the Opening of The Gates while the blood moon serves as an intensification of receptive shadow forces particularly dealing with passion, lust, and vengeance. The charging of The Staff {or Wand} and Sword of Power. Lycanthropic rites will be especially effective. Also ideal for the Apotheosis {see Dracomeroth}; though these are most efficacious at this moment, all Magic is intensified in this period, which remains until dawn tomorrow. The dynamic universal to earthly energies are bristling in etheric waves of potency, The Magician flows therein and shall be empowered.

* Vibrational synchronicity: A cluster of earthquakes in the Santa Clarita area at Oat Mountain. [news report]

Tags: astronomy, dracomeroth, greater magic, magic, moon, nature

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