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Illegal interlopers: A proposition

I have been contemplating the problem of illegal immigration, and have considered the arguement that these interlopers only take the jobs that Americans do not want. I would argue that this is not so, but even if it was, I propose the use of inmates for this purpose. What could be safer than escorted prisoners mowing your lawn, or picking fruit in the fields {many prisons employ them for this purpose anyway within the insitution}? And this would be done for far less even than what is paid to illegals. Although if you feel the need to, it would be perfectly legal to keep your handgun on you in the House.

I recall accompanying My beautiful girlfriend at the time to Schabarum Park one crisp foggy morning, and witnessing a crew of secured inmates clearing away brush and trimming hedges overseen by officers, so the program was enforced at the time; so I propose the option of such a unit working on private homes as well, where one will be re-assured that one's tax dollars are truly being recycled back into the community.

And so this would cease to be another excuse for these illegal interlopers to cross our borders, thus break the law, and more focus may be placed in solving the problem.

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