DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Bravo, Pugsley!

Well, it seems that Friday the 13th was indeed 'unlucky' for someone out there. There was a vehicular collision on a nearby corner - that moment when you hear skidding tires followed by crunching metal, reminds Me of that scene from The Addams Family wherein the Addamses are partaking in a meal when the sound of screeching tires yields a loud bang, followed by the cheers of the whole family for Pugsley, who had removed a road sign, and the exaltation by Gomez of "...Well done, Pugsley!" Most amusing.

In this case, it was apparently between a car and some sort of 'recycling' truck, both of which were hauled away, ironically and presumably for scrap. Of course, the natural inclination of lookie-loos to hover like vultures on the street, while I merely occasionally spied from behind My black metal screen door, with binoculars. ∞

Tags: addams family, friday the 13th

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