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The God Oneself

Much can be divulged about a person's psychology on whether or not they believe an external God exists outside of the Self. Oneself is the Source of creation, as one flows with the ebbs of Nature, The Universe, as well as enforces One's own almighty Will unto materialization.

Whereas those who claim to adhere to some sort of prevailing God over themselves are nothing more than servants and slaves, who provide stimulation, funds, and energy unto their superiors who manipulate their minds and bodies with the contents of their invented Gods, human or otherwise.

Thought-Forms, Iconography, and Archetypes operate in a similar manner. Either a manifestation of Strength displaying Self-Mastery, or weakness and servility masked as erstwhile strength to trick the common and simple. Both demonstrate reflections of whomever is either cooperating with, or subjugating themselves to, these supreme psychological projections. ∞

Tags: aesthetics, archetypes, iconography, magic, parapsychology, philosophy, psychodrama, psychology of religion, satanimation, symbolism

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