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Vernal Equinox L

Season Leviathan§EASONS IN HELL

Folklore, mythological creatures of legend, elemental harbingers of the black earth, the shadowy woods, the briny sea, the mist laden stormy atmosphere, and even forged in the flames of hell. Trolls, goblins, gremlins, gnomes, sylphs, sprites, undines, nymphs, fauns, satyrs, Wizards, Witches, the mystical hidden world of nature. Sword & Sorcery adventure. Reference "The XXVII Nights of Halloween" chapter in Dracomeroth. Always remember, never forget. ∞

* The Shadow Side: Magic, Sword, Sorcery adventure Malefick Musick/Spechtreum.
* SPECHTREUM: Sword & Sorcery, Magic & Witchcraft. previews only.

Hellementals converge this Vernal Equinox to emerge from hidden Shadow Portals throughout The Black Earth... creatures of legend imbued with life from thought-forms throughout history - veritable tulpas given momentum in the dark subconscious of the occult mind, projected through etheric materialization... friends, fiends, minions, blackened forms moving in the gloom... preternatural fears, shadow creatures crawl up from the depths, subterranean caverns, gliding through mist & fog, born of the black flame all.

Things that slither and crawl, fly and creep, swim, walk, float and shuffle, growl and howl, whisper and roar, shimmering eyes, grinding teeth, clicking claws and talons scrape. Scales and spines, thorns, feathers, leathers, skin and bone, all arise, arise!

Beware the woods, willow trees and old oaks
Of swamps, rivers and lakes, waterfalls and caverns deep
'Neath the moon's blacklight glow
By Wizened lantern flame, nocturnal guide shall lead the way
Through paths of mystery and might
To mastery and infernal light
Sinister Wisdom and delight!

In Nomine Satanas,

Drægon, The Draconian Empire
Vernal Equinox L Anno Satanas / ∞ Anno Draconum

☽ Note: This Vernal Equinox {3:45 PDT} includes a Solar Eclipse in the early morning whose resonance will be felt throughout the day and night. Eclipses are ideal for conjurations, and charging of Magical tools & talismans. It also happens to be a perigee-syzygy moon, which will enhance the potency further than usual. An overall favorable time for spells.

Charging: Go ye forth from thine Altar after the preliminary invocations and lift and/or lay the implements to be empowered upon the earth, lain upon a black cloth and/or the Altar cloth the duration of the eclipse, and otherwise in the nocturnal hours between midnight and dawn. Signalling The Cornu with the left hand, tap the horns upon the object thrice speaking the Words of Power "In Nomine Satanas, Potentiam Inferus", then trace the Pentagram thereunto. When thus empowered, which can be left absorbing until dawn, or until such time when impressed to do so - there will be a 'sign' such as that transferred by an owl, bat, raven, cat, or dog/s howling, and otherwise a gust of wind. Upon conclusion, return to The Altar and further confirm the empowerment by the Hellements, either at the Altar, and/or in that place reserved outdoors where the elements meet.

Conjurations: Consult the characteristics of certain infernal names for your particular purposes, gather the parchment and symbols thereupon, and conduct the rites of summoning between the hours of midnight and dawn. ☾

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