Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Hellemental activities

Recreational Activities of The Black Earth in correspondence with The Four-Crown Princes of Hell

Along with the Lycanthropic Seasonal Submersion, the following activity suggestions may be an extension towards the following amusements for well-being and Strong Life.
  • SATAN {Fire, The Black Flame}: Creativity, fine arts, Martial Arts, Bodybuilding, Arts & Crafts. Bonfires, fireplaces, lovemaking, candles, torches. Opera, plays, musical performances, the theatre, weight-training.
  • LUCIFER {Air, sky, space}: Parasailing, piloting small plane, remote controlled crafts, parachuting, hand gliding, kiting. Vehicles: Planes, helicopter.
  • BELIAL {The Black Earth}: Spelunking, rock climbing, hiking, camping, picnicking, parks, cemeteries, dirt bike riding, motocross, dune-buggying, sleighing, skateboarding, rollerskating. Vehicles: Trains, private, personal vehicles, buses.
  • LEVIATHAN {Water, The Raging Sea}: Scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, water skiing, jet skiing, ice skating, surfing, bodysurfing, boogie boarding, boating. Cruises, maritime attractions, aquarium parks. ∞

* Hellemental Communion.
* Lycanthropis Seasonal Submersion.

Tags: adventure, belial, black earth, bodybuilding, dracommendations, equinox, lucifer, lust, martial arts, nature, physical culture, satan, seasonal, seasons in hell

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