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Live Long and Prosper


Live Long & Prosper

For Me, even though Leonard Nimoy who portrayed this archetypal character excarnated, Mr. Spock continues on unto timelessness, just like all the other roles he plays, as he tended towards villainous ones. Here is true talent and charisma transmitted through space.

Even though I appreciate the character of Mr. Spock, being inherently Satanic in the sense of appearance and balanced logical/emotional disposition, My primary viewing pleasure with this actor is in his role as host to "In Search Of...", a documentary presentation investigating the paranormal - always a fascination - all of those mysteries of the black earth, the unknown, projections of the shadow side of the mind, and genuine natural anomalies - the wonderfully strange occupants of the dark of the imagination - those things that go bump in the night, which can be considered siblings in an occult state of being. Those dark things that lurk in the shadowy woods, dark waters, and inter-dimensional beings slipping through the atmosphere.

Star Trek took a close second with a similar spirit of exploration - 'In Search Of' is like striving to understand our very own earth before venturing towards the stars. What Star Trek proposes as fictional prognostications which are steadily becoming reality, as Gene Rodenberry creations tend to do, a veritable prophet of the future, here we explore the mysteries of our own native planet; mysterious processes and inhabitants collectively comprising the symbolic dominion of Satan. Following is a comparative thematic relevance with The Four-Crown Princes of Hell to urban legends:

  • SATAN {Fire, The Black Flame, Inferno, Hell} - The Occult, Witchcraft, Dark History.
  • LUCIFER {Air, Space, fog, mist} - U.F.O.'s, Aliens, Mothman, the Jersey Devil, Vampires.
  • BELIAL {The Black Earth, wilderness, woodlands, mountains, canyons, caves, swampland, deserts, jungles} - Sasquatch, Yeti, Bigfoot, Chupacabra, Skinwalkers, Werewolves.
  • LEVIATHAN {The Raging Sea, lakes, rivers, streams, brooks, waterfalls, ponds, lagoons, grottoes} - Nessie {Lochness}, Ogopogo, Elsie {Lake Elsinore}, Champ {Lake Champlain}, mermaids.


I collected the Mego Mr. Spock, a phaser by Remco emitting various sounds and light effects from stun to disintegrate, and a figurine from one of the ST films featuring an inverted trapezoid on the grey on black uniform design. Perhaps another interesting, quirky connection to the character could be that I briefly attended a Junior High School by the name of "Enterprise", which eventually yielded entrepreneurship.

Spock represents the balance of opposites. The perfect synthesis between the logical-analytical, and the emotional-imaginative, The Third Side. As displayed in the 'Live Long and Prosper' gesticulation {A.K.A. the "Nanu"}, which could very well be a Cornu for its relative symbolism, two fingers to the left, two to the right occupying one whole, as well as the thumb, like a pitchfork.

Interesting that Spock was originally intended to have red skin - and this combined with the other appealing features would have assuredly made for a ready "space devil" escorting the human race to the alien reaches of outer space, thus furthering mankind's evolution. Even the name of the race "Vulcan" {though Spock is partly human} harkens to an infernal connotation as Vulcanus, Lord of Fire, volcanoes, and brimstone; a complementary terminological predecessor nomenclature with obvious environmental characterizations and fiery dispositions.

"Live Long and Prosper" - Leonard Nimoy {b. 3/26} certainly did that, every day. By memories, evocations, films and shows, he is forever with us, timeless and never forgotten. Fortunately, all one has to do is view the various presentations whenever one desires to experience these portrayals and adventures unto infinity. ∞


Tags: paranormal, parapsychology, rip, spechtreum, supernatural

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