Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Dracmas ∞

2/1/∞ Anno Draconis, L Anno Satanas

Dracmas immortal, apotheosis
All is made new again
Fire tumbles from the sky
Another sacrifice unto The Drægon enthroned
The Eye is opened, another dimension
Revealed in Power and Might
Communion taken, strength unshaken
Phoenix of Black Flame arise
Oroborus ignited, pentagram shines
Emerge the Draconian Empire

- T H E - D R A C O N I A N - E M P I R E -

Renew, Renovate, Innovate.

Besides the recommended rites of The Satanic Nativity and Apotheosis in Dracomeroth, a good Highest Sabbath tradition can be seen in “making all things new again” – for besides One’s own renewal like The Black Phoenix, a thorough house-cleaning would be in order – dusting off one’s collection, making the surfaces of one’s Lair glisten, sparkle, and shine, that one may see one’s own reflection and perhaps even besides receiving new items and gifts, offering something new as well, re-inventing oneself, a new angle, and/or improvements and empowerments, perhaps even re-arrangements to facilitate and otherwise enhance existence and comfort, as well as heightening aesthetics.

OROBORUS – Groom Lair & Flesh. Rebirth / “{name}” Worship Day / Satantric celebration, fulfillment of fantasies

For personal pleasures, an ideal and appropriate practice of appreciation and veneration of the celebrated individual is to aid in the materialization of their desires. Ergo, a veritable pillar of recognition with a series of carnal delights, including sexual gratifications, and the realization of fantasies, with considerate gestures of reciprocation upon others’ Highest Sabbaths. ∞

Tags: birthday, dracmas, dracomeroth, draconis blackthorne, lust, nativity, pleasures of the flesh, satantra, sex

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