Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Oh, what unknown complements they give!

Magus LaVey mentions in the Foreword to The Devil's Notebook about how the herd all of a sudden become pretentiously righteous while in the presence of a known Satanist, desperately excavating crosses and rosaries for some sort of 'protection', and has proven itself to be redundantly true. The Satanist is empowered just by being.

While not purposefully trying to intimidate, it is just as amusing when someone attempts to act unintimidated as when they are - at least the latter reaction is honest. It seems perhaps to be something that is instinctively felt on a primal level.

There's this little teller at the local market who upon every time serving Me tries to get Me through as soon as possible, which is preferable as it is, but then acts all nervous, avoiding eye contact, gulping down water, etc. Overhearing another customer when questioned about if she is frightened {the customer made a shuddering gesture}, to which the teller vehemently said "No!" while waving a finger.

While going about one's business accumulating groceries, it seems the herd are compelled to comment with whispers of "es el malo" {the "bad man"}, which always brings a smirk to My face. Of course, there has always been the whispers of "devil", "Satan", even "asesino" {assassin, killer}. Language depending upon location. It is wise to be wary of the natives' vernacular.

At the register, I simply pass through, politely collecting My items, even with a "Gracias, buenas noches" {"thank you, good night"} to the bagger, while the teller continues her uncomfortable behavior. It would be a bit rude and unprofessional, if it wasn't for understanding their psychology.

Oh, what unknown complements they give! ∞

Addendum {8/12/L}

Was paid couple of flattering complements lately. First, overheard one of the natives say "Es el mas Malo" which means "He's the most Evil One"; and one recently at the market with "Es muy Malo" meaning "He's very Evil." And then a simple "Wow" to the Immaculate Defecation monsterpiece in The Shadow Gallery is quite flattering, in a speechless sort of way. I Am content in having inspired such an impression, and if I have traumatized and otherwise motivated introspection. ∞

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Tags: diary, dracumentary, herd mentality, misanthropology, psychology, social observation, sociology

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