DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

A Shadow in The Darkness


A couple of nights ago, while in the midst of the period of composing The Shadow Side store, while walking towards the kitchen to acquire a replenishment of the Belialian brew, what appeared to be a shadow extended forth from the doorway towards My direction. The area was pleasantly gloomy with only the moonlight filtering in through the window, which remained undisturbed. A shadow in the darkness. As I continued into the kitchen, I felt as if something was passing by Me accompanied by an audible "hissing" sort of breathing sound, in what could perhaps be likened to a 'demonic dragon', or "Draegon", which actually seems quite appropriate.

A very similar experience as a Dracling as well transpired while I was in bed at a former residence. One could actually discern slow moving 'footsteps' {or 'hoof steps'?} moving through the living room, which ceased just as mysteriously. Another time at a former residence, My mother claimed to have heard what she said sounded like heavy breathing deriving from My room while I was out somewhere.

Personally, I took this anomaly as a psychological 'confirmation' of My efforts, as it were, furthering My inspiration and resolve. Such occurrences tend to happen during the creation of some nefarious project, and more frequently shortly before, during, or after a Magical Working. Probably a resonant projection materializing in a conducive atmosphere. ∞

Tags: black arts & witch crafts, black book of shadows, dracling, dracumentary, infernal progeny, magic, paranormal, parapsychology, psychodrama, psychology, shadowside, supernatural


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