Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

"What word in the dictionary sums you up perfectly?"/"Hair Metal band name?"

Your dictionary word is:


You tend to stand out more than you fit in. You are one of a kind. You can never be constrained or boxed in. Simply, your nature is to be free and liberated. You've got amazing experiences and seriously intriguing stories, but most of all, you are classy in a your own kind of way. You make the world that much more interesting

What word in the dictionary sums you up perfectly?

Riddle time! What word in the dictionary sums you up perfectly? Answer 9 easy questions to find out!

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What is your Hair Metal band name?


{I maintain that so-called "hair metal" is more appropriately described as pop metal and 'glam rock'; although I do find the name generated strangely appropriate, -> ∞ <- , and actually sounds more like a "Goth, Doom, or Black Metal" nomenclature. As for the band name, well, that all depends upon the comely appearance, talent and tenacity of the maiden/s. Of note, Communion 13x in 1 sitting, and another, under a minute}. ∞

Tags: games, memes, metal, questionnaire, tests

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