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Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

Penn & Teller's Bullshit!

I have been surveying this presentation by long-since favorite prestidigitation performers Penn & Teller, and have found it to be humorous, elucidating, and edifying. Entering the various realms of the paranormal racket, they tear the lid off of charlatans and hoaxers with a critical eye and incisive commentary spiced with their particuar brand of humor and intelligent, sarcastic wit. I find this to be useful as a form of stratification, dividing between all of the so-called "genuine" gobbledigook, and actual practitioners. But like LaVey said, "everybody is on the take", which I believe would account for about 99% of the genre, but there are certinaly diamonds in the rough, although a sizable minority at that. Topics that are covered is the objective study of "Feng Shuey", which in My opinion, is simply nonsense; the power of suggestion is practiced in a segment about bottled water - My favorite is "Agua De Culo"; Creationism vs. Evolution {the latter simply makes more sense}; Apocalyptic mythologies; "self-helpless" programs; urban legends, "environmentalists" {who are basically clueless, and seem to enjoy romping about to tribal drums rather than addressing any kind of "issue", of which there really is none - and their chosen "representative" is just shameful; the most comical part about this segment was the fact that they had no clue what H20 was, so hundreds of these hippies actually signed a petition to ban water!}; The Ouija Board {displaying weakans in all of their effeminate absurdity}, ghosts, mediums, and much more.

Segments are introduced and concluded with sharp and concise commentary based upon subjective reasoning, scientific fact, as well as visual demonstrations illustrating the wonderful element of Doubt, through which truth is obtained. Thuroughly entertaining from beginning to end.

It is known that the sheeple desire to be fooled for some sense of closure for tragedies, and will frequently seek out various placebos to fill their empty lives with some sort of external 'meaning', which, if they cannot figure it out for themselves, is none, but to remain puppets for the clever who will prey upon the suckers of humanity. And this is how it has been since the beginning of human evolution.


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