Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Out of the womb and into the tomb


ITEMS: Township Against Zombie Nativity Scene | Home Owners Create Zombie Nativity Scene

Perhaps unbeknownst to the creators, I think the display offers a true representation of the J/C mythology after all - and maybe all fundies for that matter. It's like peeling back the layers of pretension and propaganda to reveal the true nature of this spiritual belief system, which is essentially like a zombie death cult. Scriptural references to rising from the dead, being dead to the flesh, looking for rewards beyond the grave, cannibalistic eating of flesh and blood, etc., not to mention zombies eat brains, makes for an ironically appropriate demonstration.

Perhaps that is the most 'disturbing' element of it for them, that it's like looking into a mirror; The Pentagram of Lucifer above, shedding infernal light upon the scene like Nada looking through those shades to reveal the living dead aliens and their brainwashing agenda from They Live.

So it seems that someone got their paper cross in a bunch and submitted complaints to local governing bodies, who then assert a zoning and debris issue, in typical and obvious sneaky underhanded blindlighter fashion; and is ordered to remove the attraction by December 26th, but yet it persisted all through the xmas holiday, and will 'rise again'... so in essence, they really didn't effect it, and will be taken down as usual.

Some debate has surfaced that this is just freedom of expression, which it certainly is, and anyone can construct what they wish upon their own property, despite prudish sensibilities. It is quite simple: if you do not like it, don't look at it. If you strive to display your own expressions on your own property, do not begrudge someone else of theirs. In actuality, most of whom have looked upon this amusing spectacle have appreciated it, even taking pictures of themselves with it in gestures of approval.

Being that the owner is the proprietor of his own Halloween attraction called 13 Rooms of Doom, this is a brilliant business tactic to garner attention with "The World's First Zombie Nativity Scene" {or just the first to offer a more blatant one}. With zoning laws in mind, it is pleasing he plans to erect an even more elaborate display next year. ∞


Tags: christinsanity, halloween, herd mentality, herd stupidity, holidays, horror, krampus, loki's laughter, misanthropy, nefarious news, superstition, winter, xmas, zombies

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