Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Satanic Nativity scene?

"What care I for some mythological character's alleged "birthday", when the true God that is Myself was born on My own High Holiday?" ∞ - Quotations

Satanic Nativity Scene

Being that The Satanist is One's own God, I think it would be quite appropriate for a purported "nativity scene" to feature Oneself as the primary focus of One's own Nativity commemoration, reflecting the circumstances of the birth {date, surroundings, persons, season, etc.}, and/or a veritable honorarium to oneself, which may include portraits {of oneself and/or others}, along with items of relative pertinence. This may include displaying various stages in development and accomplishment, from favored toys to trophies, medals, diplomas, event photos, symbolism, etc. Automobile or house models {either former, current or those aspired towards}.

This may serve as a veritable 'mandala' ritual, and/or remain all year long, adding elements as they are evolved. A great meditative I-Theistic decoration while one enjoys oneself with favorite activities.

Another option would be in setting up a rather jovial scene featuring various characters of personal interest - statuettes and figurines, dolls & creatures, automobile and house models, etc. According to preference, this may be as serious or comical as desired. This can be erected in deference to Halloween, Walpurgisnacht, or One's own Nativity celebration. Fortunately, most of one's favorite multi-genre characters are available for possession.

I can foresee The Addams Family, The Munsters, or even Rosemary's Baby and The Omen, perhaps Aliens. No matter how "outlandish", weird, whatever. What matters is that it is pertinent to you. Just take a look at your collection and see what wonderfully imaginative arrangements can be produced. ∞

Some sources of alternative figurines:

* Archie McPhee. Edgar Allan Poe, Sigmund Freud, Shakespeare, Sasquatch, more.
* McFarlane.
* Entertainment Earth.
* Custom Dolls.

Tags: addams family, birthday, decor, dracmas, halloween, holidays, munsters, nativity, omen, total environment, toys, walpurgisnacht

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