Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Vending machine score!


From the fine folks who brought you The Evil Stick...

I want one! Who knew that vending machines, at 'dollar stores' no less, could be so interesting? Before doing your shopping, always go straight to the vending machine to see what they have. At markets, these tend to be located near the entrance of the establishment. Same goes for the toy section. Upon a recent inspection, I unexpectedly acquired quite a nice dragon figurine.

As a little Dracling, I recall acquiring spider and skull rings from time to time, as well as various other little items of interest with a horror theme, like rubber snakes, bats, spiders, and monsters, but this is a first. When the Ice Cream man rolled around, along with perhaps an ice cream sandwich, I usually went for those "grab bags" which besides assorted candy, usually contained something interesting like a spider ring, or a water squirting toy.

The ring actually looks pretty nice, for a plastic doodad, and would inspire some imaginative role-playing time, along with candy cigarettes, of course. I have also seen various plastic pendants at various points in timelessness, like ankhs, dragons, crosses, and even a pentagram once {weakagram variety*}, which was good for a chuckle on the way out.

In any case, it may hypothetically prove to be a good opportunity for a history lesson, provided the 'parent' knows anything about that era, that is. ∞

* "...with a single spiral pointing up straight to heaven!" - Lord of Darkness; Legend.

* Related: Evil Stick.

Tags: dracling, dracumentary, herd stupidity, nefarious news, social commentary, social observation, toys

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