Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

El Segundo


Traveled to El Segundo, California recently to conduct business, and noticed what a perfectly delightful and charming little city by the shore it is. The moon shone through a misty sky above darkened hillsides on one side, and the blackened ocean on the other, which had what appeared to be perhaps oil rigs sitting out there with dim lights shimmering off the surface. Not surprising, considering the Chevron Oil Refinery stationed not too far, a dominant mass casting trapezoidal-coned shadows high into the air; yet at the same time seeming unobtrusive, not overbearing at all. Also notable, the Mattel company is headquartered here.

Located between Playa Del Rey and Manhattan Beach, the town itself is quaint, with homes etched into mountains overlooking the valley below, just perfectly far enough from town, where one could travel along its twisting canyon roads to reach. Like nests resting into nature, providing privacy, surrounded in trees, flora and fauna, yet near enough to civilization for supplies, and whatnot. Many little cafes, stores, and independent businesses and restaurants, while all the usual mass herd feed fast food joints are located more outside the town nearer the freeway.

The air was crisp and cool, while driving down along Sepulveda nearby PCH which is adjacent to the beach - yes indeed, the city has its own beach. My instinct was to dive into the cool sand, but instead, I carved a giant foot into a dune, like Sasquatch, seeing that there were a variety of bootprints nearby; it seems that this location inspires a bit of playfulness.

The people mind their own business, are pleasant enough, and I came away with an idyllic impression of this fair little town. The general coastal areas reminds Me more or less of Dark Shadows' Collinsport.

I have always been drawn towards bodies of water, whether lakes, ponds, streams, brooks, or the sea, especially if there is nearby woodland. It would indeed be a pleasure to return for a romp & picnic on the beach, an invigorating dip in the ocean, perhaps on an overcast day or at night again - and who knows? It may be a future habitat. ∞

Tags: adventure, black earth, dark shadows, diary, dracumentary, nature, travel

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