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"How Well Do You Know Your 80's Slang?" 80's/90's shows...

Tubular! Your slang skills are mega-awesome!!
Tubular! Your slang skills are mega-awesome!!

Crucial work, dude.

{"Totally lame"... I Myself do not speak in this manner, but I Am familiar with the jargon, due to the herdlings which were surrounding at the time, mostly during school or camp. My personal acquaintances were more or less metalheads - plus, the dialect sounded pretty idiotic to Me. To Me, it was never 'cool'. Although it can be kind of 'cute' on certain girls, like Elvira, whose an interesting combination of Goth and valley girl. However, something can be said about having an educated opinion on a given subject, for 'reference', 'just in case'.} ∞

How Well Do You Know 80's TV Shows?

You Got
80's TV Freak!

Congratulations, you have a mastery of 80's television! From cop shows to family sitcoms, you are truly a student of popular 80's television! You probably remember cramping around your old TV and getting immersed in your favorite shows, and talking about them with your friends at work or school. There was never anything like 80's TV before, and there certainly hasn't been since. This was the era of theme songs with lyrics, and we all know you were singing the Cheers theme song every time that show came on - "Just go where everyone knows your na-a-ame." You're probably singing it right now, you prodigy of the 80's! Share this quiz and let's revive fond memories of 80's TV with your friends.

{In regards to formerly broadcast series, I only like a select few of these from this list, such as Knight Rider, ALF, McGyver, and Mr. Belvedere, because they have a certain charm, are actually worth watching for the entertainment value, the great writing, and in the case of KR, contains a precognitive sensibility towards technology, and great adventure. Originality, talented characterizations, and even music. McGyver's survivalist ingenuity; ALF's humor, disposition, visual countenance; Mr. Belvedere's decorum, knowledge, & charisma - evocative all, and worth the private possession for personal viewing when desired}. ∞

You Got
King of the 90's

You definitely know your 90s sitcoms like the back of your hand. Congratulations! It was really hard picking only 10 classic 90s sitcoms for you to choose from but in the end you knew most or all of them! Your results are available below! If you enjoyed this quiz please share it with a friend!

{These are amusing, especially since I do not claim any particular generation, remaining timeless in that sense just picking and choosing what pleases Me, as tends to be the Satanic disposition. Therefore, perhaps it would be more appropriate to say "Generation Satan", or "Generation 666", or some such. Or maybe even "Generation ∞"}. ∞

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