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Nome more free ride for churches!

ITEM: Alaska town plans to tax churches
Strict taxation of all churches
"If churches were taxed for all their income and property, they’d crumble overnight of their own obsolescence, and the National Debt would be wiped out as quickly. The productive, the creative, the resourceful should be subsidized. So long as the useless and incompetent are getting paid, they should be heavily taxed."
- [2] Pentagonal Revisionism: A Five-Point Program by Anton Szandor LaVey.

It is gratifying to see that the city of Nome has taken a step forward with the consideration of the taxation of its churches. Eventually, these freeloading businesses will have to put the money where their mouths are and contribute to the secular society which allows them to exist. When one of these propositions finally passes, it will be pleasing to witness others following suit.

Pay to pray

They receive expected tithes anyway {guilt trip if not}, but just like any business that provides a so-called 'service', a dubious and pretentious claim at best in this case, white wolves who prey upon their sheeple in ornate houses of worship will soon have to pay to pra/ey. How ironic it is that those who speak out the most about 'helping the community' are the same ones who enjoy tax-free status - taxes that could go into supporting various programs that could do the most good, in a more efficient structured form, to provide benefits for those who need it, and otherwise parasites who subsist their meaningless perpetuation. Their clergies receive salaries {essentially being paid to spread delusion, false hope, and threats of torment}, & room and board.

Once the 4th point of Pentagonal Revisionism is in full operation, what is to become of these buildings once vacated? I foresee three options:

  • Practice what you preach: Larger religious corporations may purchase them to feed & house the homeless.
  • Transform them into brothels. Of course, these business will also be taxed for their services. [see The Return of Babylon; The Devil's Scroll]
  • Retaining the structure {with the exception of the removal of religious iconography}, modify into private real-estate, for either livable homes with all accommodations thereunto {which may in turn complement PR.5}, or private businesses.

Even with the assurance of the separation of church and state, if they deem to have any say in matters of government on whatever level {which should be taken with a grain of salt anyway}, then they should contribute to that forum in a tangible way; otherwise, remain in their subculture where they belong, without obnoxious proselytizing. Pay taxes, or go away. ∞

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