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Lycanthropic Seasonal Submersion

Lycanthropic Seasonal Submersion
{This particular description is for Autumn, but modify to other seasons as appropriate*}.
  • Recommended time of practice: Equinoxes and Solstices.
  • May be performed before, after, or even during a seasonal rite {i.e., after imbibing from The Chalice of Ecstasy; if there is an additional purpose in mind, the energy gathered from this practice may add to the working - the desire may be concentrated upon while in process, returning to The Altar, reading and immolating the parchment}.
  • The option of including others in a ceremonial context such as a beloved and/or friend/s is reserved if not performing a ritual working, which is personal.

Option I: If you have a private back yard, or travel to a desolate location {either by automated locomotion or via a Constitutional}, shortly after a rain, as petrichor lingers in the air, go forth unto a naturally thickly autumnal accumulation of leaves, soil, harvest gourds, etc., disrobe, scantily clad or nude {take a trench coat or bathrobe with you}, and delve heartily therein, tossing about the leaves, rubbing the soil upon your skin, face, body, etc., getting it all into your hair, between your toes, and under nails. Smell the leaves, feel the moisture upon your body. Toss and turn in this bed of nature's bliss, splash in puddles, dive into a pile, have fun. If you feel the need to snarl, growl, or even howl, do so. Climb a tree if you can.

Option II: Constitutional. Upon your walk, at some point grab a handful of leaves for later use.

Conclusion: When exhausted, redress, don your coat and return to your lair. Have previously prepared or prepare a luxurious bath with appropriately themed and scented bath gels. If you grabbed a handful of leaves from your romp placing them in a bag in your pocket**, add them to the bath as well with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, honey or brown sugar. Surround the tub with candles {scented or not}, incense, and accompany with music of choice {Classical and/or instrumental recommended}. Also reserve a favored libation and/or fumigation, preferably also themed to the season. It may be coffee with seasonal creamer, tea, or liquor {'Falloween' flavors recommended}. ∞

Satan's Hollow


For Equinoxes and Solstices, it is recommended to go ye forth where the hellements meet, such as the ocean, lakes, streams, ponds, etc., natural bodies of water that meet the land, and build a contained fire thereabouts {surrounded with rocks, or another suitable container}, either on overcast days or at night. If it is private enough, perform your ceremony thereabouts, like upon the shore, a rock, cliff, grove of trees, thickets, within a cavern, cave, grotto, etc. Otherwise, go forth from The Chamber before or after the rite is done. Trace the pentagram upon the soil where you will be performing the working, situating yourself therein. Place candles or torches at the points. ∞

* For Season Lucifer Winter, there is the practice of participant who from a hot tub or jacuzzi, runs through the forest to a spot of snow on the earth, rubs it about the body, then returns to the heated water. The result: exercise and invigoration. For Season Leviathan Spring, rolling about in a fucund florescent field.
** They may also be used to decorate The Altar.

* Recommended reading: How To Become A Werewolf: The Fundamentals of Lycanthropic Metamorphosis; Their Principles And Application by Anton Szandor LaVey: The Devil's Notebook.

* Communion of The Hellements.
* Recreational Activities of The Black Earth in correspondence with The Four-Crown Princes of Hell.

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