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"What kind of wings", "Magical creature", "Evil Twin", "transformation", "Metal theme"...

What Kind of Wings Do You Have?


Phoenix Wings
You have Phoenix Wings! More commonly known, the Phoenix and its fiery Wings symbolize rebirth; however, this pair of wings also represent immortality and longevity. This alone makes you a resilient being, in control of the ability to face a challenge regardless of the consequence. You're also a strong example of creativity and and mysticism, helping people around you find their own way to self-express and problem solve with an out of the box type of mindset. You often provide clarity to those who seek answers because of the old soul you carry inside of you and the experienced wisdom you have to offer from your own struggles.

{Indeed, the phoenix does symbolize Vampiric principles, however, action and reaction are considered to determine the best result in whatever endeavor. Being that one personafies one's philosophy, one can lead by example which may offer inspiration to others. I have often been unconventional in My methods and pursuits, but gravitiate towards what is operable and fulfilling}. ∞

Who is Your Evil Twin?


Lord Voldemort (Harry Potter)
"Come, my twin brother, join me in my journey. Just like me, your wisdom, quick thinking and creativity leads you on your way, so we will get along just fine. Together, we will take down that dreadful Harry Potter and take over the world!"

{No matter who or what it may be, if someone or something takes up against Me for whatever reason, they are assuredly laid waste; and cooperation from a worthy ally would be appreciated if we work towards the same general goals for mutual benefit}. ∞

Which magical creature are you?


You are a vampire! You are most productive in the night time hours and not really much of a morning person. You are attractive and know how to get what you want with your looks and charm. You are also fierce and independent and people should not get on your bad side!

{I agree with this assessment!}. ∞

Which Animal Do You Transform Into?


You have a beautiful soul and you love to be round loads of family members but when it comes to dinner time you will grab as much as you can before the rest of the family have at it. but you always protect your family and your friends from the unwanted visitors even if they hardly leave you any food at the buffets. you are strong and you'll never give up fighting for whats right, you are loyal to loved ones to the end you hopeless romantic you!

{"Family" is a matter of earning the privelege; no automatic consideration for those who are undeserving of My attention}. ∞

What Is Your Metal Theme Song?


"I Remember You" - Skid Row
Your metal theme song is "I Remember You", by Skid Row. Sure, you like to rock. But the holes in your stonewashed jean-jacket reveal your sensitive side. While some heavy metal fans feel the need for speed, you'd prefer to take it slow - perhaps with your significant other, in the back seat of a beat up sports car from the late 70s or early 80s. After all, without the romantic ballads, we'd never appreciate the pure power of the rock.

{No, I do not wear nor own a "stonewashed jean-jacket", but I do appreciate this genre as desire dictates, whether ballads, slow, grinding pieces, or faster compositions; same goes for the pace of that certain indulgence. I did at one point in Draclinghood wear black jeans, vest with patches upon a black leather jacket, chains and spikes, t-shirt, etc., but I listened much more to heavier metal, primarily in the Doom,Thrash, Death, Black Metal variety, and was loathed to consider anything less as Metal, which are more like 'pop-metal' and 'glam rock' in actuality.} ∞
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