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Nefarious News [10/XLIX]

Sgt. Daemon, Satan-Sleuth

Dabbler's Den

STORY: Clemmons murder suspect ate ‘still-beating heart’ of animal, bragged about killing 2 prostitutes

These just seem more or less typical stoner-types who just used that house to intoxicate themselves {"party house", as it were}, and the owner/s seemed to have a fascination with the occult, judging by the crudely scrawled pentagrams, images of Aleister Crowley {not a Satanist, but a confirmed druggie}, and Eliphas Levi's {not a Satanist, but a ceremonial Solomonic practitioner} Sabbatic God of The Witches on the walls.

One primary question that comes to mind is, how did those types afford living in a home with three to four rooms, a basement, and a swimming pool? Perhaps it was funded with drug money with the combined junkies' contributions. Maybe they had various menial day jobs. Maybe it was a wasted inheritance. The human victims were probably no better than their killers; but besides the disturbing remnants of slain animals, another disturbing facet is that the main perpetrator's mother resided there {maybe she paid the rent}, spotted only sporadically as she entered and exited her room, perhaps aware of the goings-on, but probably preferring not to. Whatever the case, the structure's overall dilapidation will most likely eventually call for demolition after all evidence is retrieved.

Definitely not Satanists, and perhaps it may even be giving them too much credit to call them full-fledged devil worshipers, as they probably spent more time getting drunk and high than engaging in any kind of concerted practice, much less study; although by and large, these are the types which tend to be attracted towards theism of some sort. We'll see if the Jesus card is used while incarcerated. ∞

* Related: Why Satanism Must Not Be Confused With Devil Worship. Magus Peter H. Gilmore.

Skulls Saved From Disposal

STORY: Police Find Owner Of 2 Human Skulls Found At Transfer Station In Stamford; Skulls Taken To Medical Examiner

Now this just seems a waste of two perfectly good skulls which could be used as Lair decor, and/or Chamber implements. Considering some occult-related literature was also found nearby, it may have very well previously been the case. They seemed to have been acquired legally, so the owner can do with them what they will - in this instance, the owner became deceased, and were disposed of by a less than sharp progenitor* - pity they ended up in the city dump. At least now their second 'life' will be in the educational field. ∞

*...or perhaps was feigning ignorance, and/or perhaps disliked his son's possessions and/or belief system, thus passive-aggressively disposing of his items post-mortem. One would suppose that because these were some of his son's valued possessions, that they would be preserved somehow, either out of love, or just respect, as a gesture of grieving.

Dualistic Demolition

STORY: Man in custody in toppling of Ten Commandments at Oklahoma capitol.

It is interesting to consider that the same spiritual types that would place a monument to a mythology would ironically be the reverse paradigm type that would topple it, all within the same dualistic framework. Predictably, now the perpetrator blames The Devil - the bad guy in their storybook scenario, instead of taking personal responsibility - amusingly, even if that were the case, then this would assuredly be a victory for the villain!; although it will be established that he was not 'possessed', but mentally ill to begin with, will probably receive some sort of 'counseling', and claim to be a christian who backslid, or some such. Even so, secular law will take prominence, no matter what delusion they cling to. ∞


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