DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Wading through the muck & mire

Interesting experiment. Ironically, not too many raucous "catcalls" here - it certainly seems all these comments are intended as complements for an attractive girl, although the source of those remarks tend to be undesirable; but overall, with the questionable exception of the disheveled man walking along side her for five or more minutes {in a very passive-aggressive manner}, and the pimp-type mentioning something about "$1,000 walking by", these were relatively polite comments, and should be taken as complementary, although it is obviously not the appropriate place and time for such.

If she wanted to initiate any sort of contact, that should be her choice to do so. Overall, those herd shufflers should ideally mind their own business, for her beauty can be appreciated without the unwanted interaction.

This will most likely not stop anytime soon, so My advice is to take a cab, and be aware of her surroundings. A Satanic Witch would soak up the energy from these five-watters saving it for her own purposes, and be secure in the fact that she would be able to defend herself if needs be, both by forethought and some defensive training, which should be a basic practice. ∞


Tags: herd mentality, misanthropology, social commentary, social observation, video

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