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"Which Ancient Religion..."

Which Ancient Religion Does Your Spirit Belong To?


Intuitive with nature-based faith, Your spirit is aligned with the Earth and the ways of the Druids. Adventurous and reflective, to you spirituality concerns the here and now and not what is to follow. Nature is your temple, and if meditation is not already a large part of your spirituality we greatly recommend it becoming so. As a religion focused around nature, Druidism's ceremonies are organized around the two solstices, the two equinoxes and the 13 lunar cycles.

"A strongly nature-based religion, Druidism emerged from the practices of shamanism and sorcery in prehistoric times. A major theme of Druidism is that all actions should be guided by doing no harm, even to oneself. Aside from harming the Earth or others, the Druids hold that there is no sin. According to the Druids, humans are just a small part of the Earth, which in turn is a single living being inhabited by gods and spirits of all kinds.Although early Christians attempted to suppress Druidism due to its polytheistic pagan beliefs and accused its followers of practicing cruel sacrifices, the Druids were actually a peaceful people who worshipped more through meditation and reflection than sacrificial acts. Any sacrifices were usually done on animals, which were then used for food." -

What is the true meaing of your Birthday?

Your birthday implies: Extreme Ambition

You are born with a shameless amount of ambition and courage. You fearlessly go after the things you want in life and you tend to have an appetite for winning. You are highly determined and you're naturally a high-achiever in the many things you try.

What adjective describes you?

You are: Intriguing

You have a unique and extremely fascinating approach to life. You are curious, brilliant, and firmly authentic. You are genuinely admired by people, yet you never get caught up in all the praise. Most importantly though, you know how to be yourself at all times and never need to apologize. You're loved for who you are.

What Is Your Patronus?
Your Patronus is a Bear!
You're fierce and may have a rough exterior hiding your heart of gold. Don't let a tough demeanor keep others from getting to know the true you.

Can You Pass The Psychopath Test?


You COULD be a Psychopath.
Sometimes you are a little distant from other people. You are no stranger to difficult times and a little depression, but overall, you are fairly friendly, outgoing and enjoy the company of others. You don't like to be on your own too much, you are very empathic, and you do feel bad when you see someone in need (heck, you might even help others from time to time!)
Don't worry about your potential to become a psychopath, as long as you keep yourself surrounded with good people and a healthy lifestyle, you will be fine!



Introverted - Intuitive - Thinking - Perceiving


Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Emmanuel Kant, Rene Descartes, Alan Greenspan, Paul Allen, Larry Page, David Cronenberg, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Sigourney Weaver


intp - description

  INTPs are focused on how things could be improved. They think more about the possibilities than the realities of our world. They are good at analyzing complex topics, identifying patterns and finding logical explanations. They look to make things clear and build knowledge - turning theories into concrete understanding. Many scientific breakthroughs have been made by INTPs in the past.
What makes their reasoning skills great is their ability to approach theories with much more enthusiasm than skepticism, ignoring existing opinions. They get excited by new ideas and concepts and love to discuss them with others.
INTPs spend much of their lives living in their own heads, neglecting their outer life. For that reason, they may seem dreamy to others. They do not like to lead or control people. They have a great tolerance and are low-key but they can get quite aggressive when they feel their beliefs and values have been violated. They are generally quite shy when they meet new people but they act very confidently and sociably with people they know.
They do not understand decisions based on emotions and subjectivity. As they strive constantly to achieve logical conclusions, they fail to see the relevance of subjective emotional considerations. For that reason, they are not naturally equipped to meet the emotional needs of others. INTPs can become overly critical and sarcastic with others and sometimes negative and cynical with life when they are not content with their personal achievements.
INTPs like synthesis and logical reasoning.They express only what they believe to be absolute truth and try to do so in an understandable way. They do not move on to the next thing as long as they are not done with the project.
INTPs are strongly independent and unconventional. They do not care about popularity and security. They have complex personalities and tend to be temperamental.
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