Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

NOW AVAILABLE: The Devil's Diary XXIII: Halloween XLIX A.S.


The Devil's Diary XXIII: Halloween XLIX A.S.

Into the Hellmouth...

Seasons turn in shadows of The Abyss to let loose the daemons of the intellect & imagination in this most wondrous time of year, filled with mystery & enchantment galore. Take an invigorating stroll through Draconia to experience marvels & nightmares that please the senses; feast mind & body upon bountiful delights & ruminations. Enter The Shadow Gallery to witness dark manifestations straight from Hell.

A compendium of Samhain revery, herein is a bountiful cornucopia of Tricks & Treats awaiting throughout this infernal issue, featuring Satanic Serenades poetry, Black Earth activities, recipes for your cruelinary pleasure, Shadow Gallery artistry, misanthropic essays & diabolical observations on the nature of Black Masses, demonic statues, & thoughts on the preservation of the artistic, deadly martial disciplines. An architect of Hell is honored, along with the Noctuarium section of multimedia reviews, plus several surprises along the way.

Please sign in, & expect the unexpected! ∞

Tags: aesthetics, anton lavey, black arts & witch crafts, black earth, black mass, blackthorne productions, church of satan, devil's diary, draconis blackthorne, dractober, fall, falloween, giger, halloween, horror, infernal empire, literature, magazine, magus gilmore, malefick musick, martial arts, poetry, satan's scroll, satanic serenades, shadow gallery, spechtreum, total environment

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