Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

We don't want any!

Do Not Disturb
"There are many who would take my time. I shun them. There are some who share my time. I am entertained by them. There are precious few who contribute to my time. I cherish them." - Magus LaVey, The Devil's Notebook.

There is a damned good reason why Magus LaVey placed that sign on His door. Considering the amount of media representation he was doing at the time, he was a very busy devil; not to mention possible miscreants, vandals, jesus nuts, lookie-loos, and unscrupulous 'reporters'.

No One Here But Us Demons...

GorgoSo what if an unexpected victim, I mean 'person', dares knock on the door or ring the bell of Blackthorne Manor? Am I compelled to answer it? Shall I send Igor? Unless it is one of Mine, chances are likely that it is just a peddler of some sort trying to sell Me something I don't need or want, be it a product, religion, or politics; for if I desire something, all I have to do is acquire it online or at the store, and otherwise search for it of My own accord. If they are trying to sell religion, then I certainly do not need that. To attend to such a distraction would only waste My time and energy {as well as theirs, even though they are likely being paid to go door to door}, taking away from something I Am occupied with, or perhaps I Am diurnally sleeping comfortably - it would be a useless, pointless endeavor. Not answering the door would therefore be doing both of us a favor.

Even so, if someone has something to offer, then leave a flier, or card, or a note {preferably in the mailbox or slot, and not wedged in the door - I'll get to it eventually on My own timelessness without being disturbed.

I Spy With My Evil Eye...

Peepholes are a good investment. Boo Radley has it right! More often than not, to inspect the organism/s standing at the gate or porch is of the type described above, and are therefore, undesirable. But if ever I spy with My evil eye a sexy lady with salacious intent, then such a surprise may be welcomed.

You have reached The Noctuary... I WILL get to you!

Drac PhoneMuch the same goes for the telephone as well. With the exception of an emergency of some sort, with caller ID, reverse lookup, etc., and the internet, with block/ban capabilities, obvious profiles, one can filter annoying elements and simply go about one's business without being bothered by antagonists, parasites, proselytizers, and general rabble.

If it is an unexpected erstwhile 'visitor', then it most likely would be someone I would rather not have anything to do with. Even common courtesy would dictate someone make polite formal contact first to set plans, be it personal and/or business; spontaneous 'drop-ins' would be ignored and unappreciated, and is furthermore, rude. After all, one should be afforded the opportunity to make oneself presentable & available for guests. Any friends or acquaintances of Mine would not be so thoughtless. They would naturally possess the attribute of forethought. We can make plans for a mutually pleasant, respectful, and fulfilling encounter for all. ∞

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