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Elvira's Big Top & Sinema Séance

Elvira's Big Top

Only two scant performances from the Hallow Queen per show this year, but it is interesting to see her explore other themes with the show. The Circus-Carnival act worked as well, and as a matter of fact, this year we have ironically seen much more of her than usual {not counting the choice magazines, of course}, but also a bit less in appearance, at the beginning and conclusion.

Considering the duration of these two other performers, the sword swallower and the contortionist {who gave Me a few salacious ideas...}, it seemed like it was they that were being showcased almost as much as Elvira - like she is being generous with her notoriety.

The rap bit stems from her performance in the first film, and was rather novel, but I would like to personally see more original songs incorporated instead of these pop parodies/modifications, for she is very well capable of it. ∞

Sinema Séance

This is much closer to the quintessential Mistress of The Dark. The Gotherotic elegance interspersed with the bawdy sense of humor. This performance harkens back to her first shows, and would like to see more of the type, perhaps with less 'rap' and more Rock, or even Burlesque.

The acrobatic zombie dancers are good at what they do, I suppose, but the choice in music tends to bring the production down to an almost ghetto level, but only while they are on stage, while Elvira brings all the balances together nicely. ∞

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As an odd side note, it seems that during the time I was reacquainting Myself with the videos and recollection of events to compose the review, a fatal car crash occurred involving five people on their way back from Knott's Scary Farm where Elvira's Big Top takes place. ∞

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